Jean-Claude Courtault + Michelet – 2013


DSC05955Tasted with Stéphanie Michelet in her almost finished, nice new tasting area in Lignorelles, 15th January 2015.

Domaine Jean-Claude Courtault
1 route de Montfort
89800 Lignorelles
Tel: +33 3 86 47 50 59

Stephanie on 2013:
“The yields were about 20% down in 2013. The first the grapes were not quite ready, then the next time you looked they were showing rot!

“We made serious attention to the debourbage (decanting in tank after pressing the grapes) as it seemed there might be a bit of porriture but the acidity is okay giving nice balance against a hint of richness of fruit. This vintage is very similar to Alsace in 2006.
(Stéphanie’s husband is from the Alsace!)

The wines…

A little towards the richer end of the spectrum in 2013 yet still wines of balance.

2013 Jean-Claude Courtault, Petit Chablis
A deep, wide aroma that’s quite inviting. Plenty of freshness but a little richness and sweetness of fruit in the middle too. Very easy but rewarding to drink – and with a lovely finish too.

2013 Michelet, Petit Chablis
A deeper aromatic, accented with sweetness. Wide and a hint richer, with less obvious acidity but here’s an extra faintly saltiness.. Round and impressive

2013 Jean-Claude Courtault, Chablis
A mix of parcels – the fruit of Lignorelles, the minerality of Beines…
Higher toned, here’s a wider aromatic of faint herb over a deeper but tighter core. Also a tight ball of flavour on the palate but clearly with plenty of minerality and again a salty tang. More contemplative – balanced but not that energetic today – a big long finish…

2013 Michelet Chablis
One parcel of young vines in Beines and the rest .80 ha of old vines from Lignorelles.
A modest nose but one that is more mineral in aspect and shows a slowly growing faint floral accent. Round and with some richness of texture but with mouth-watering minerality too – long and linear. Very different but very tasty.

2013 Jean-Claude Courtault, Chablis 1er Mont de Milieu
Fresh, pretty and detailed – this is a really lovely aromatic. Round, with lovely minerality but enough sweet, mouth-watering flavour that it’s not a bit austere. Really lovely width of flavour that slowly fades. A very nice wine of finesse!

2013 Jean-Claude Courtault, Chablis 1er Beauroy
An aromatic of more weight and slowly growing high tones. Silky, a little richer but with lovely mouth-watering with and perfumed finishing flavour. Also very, very good. The nose slowly adds a little acid cherry notes and perhaps apricot.

2013 Jean-Claude Courtault, Chablis Valmur
The first grand cru vintage here.
A little tight but with deep, clean aromas that slowly start to fill the glass. Round, ripe fruit with a reductive impression in the mid-palate flavour – very elegant and quite the wine of finesse. There’s a clear base of minerality but not giving much away today. The aromas are getting prettier and prettier in the glass, delicate but detailed. A wine definitely to wait for – but with some reward I think!

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