Random Ruminations…

2004 – Vintage à la Coccinelle?
Where does that smell in your glass come from?
A Vintage Viewpoint
Thoughts on the vintages; 2006, 2007, 2008
Domaine d’Eugénie
The Bordelais are coming – should the Burgundians be worried?
2006 in Bottle
112 bottled and ‘ready’ wines from the 2006 vintage tasted

Fougeray de Beauclair
An eclectic range from the 18ha domaine
Jean-Paul et Stephane Magnien
Morey St.Denis masterclass
Jean-Claude Bessin
A Chablis name challenging for honours
Comte Liger-Belair
Alex Gambal
Updates mainly from the 2007 vintage

The Others
The compendium of wines tasted since the last issue

Link List
Producer sites plus other sites of interest
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