Just a few words about this new ‘interactive’ format.

A Vintage Viewpoint
What are we to think?
2004, 2005 and 2006 stretch out before us.
A place of pilgrimage, a village and its vineyards in profile
A Dinner-Date with Leroy
12 bottles and 8 Michelin rated courses provide a very ‘above-average’ Sunday dinner

Domaine Antonin Guyon
Volume and some quality from this unheralded Savigny domaine
Domaine Prieuré-Roch
Fabulously aromatic wines from this committed and thoughtful producer
Domaine Tollot-Beaut
Glossy Côte de Beaune wines of character and depth

The Others
The compendium of over 100 wines tasted since the last issue

Photo collection
Pictures taken in the Côtes

Link List
Producer & other sites of interest
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