Why Big Red Diary?
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Vintage information 2001:

The reds were neither deeply coloured nor obviously extracted, some critics were disappointed. Whether your bottle comes from the Côte de Beaune or the Côte de Nuits, be aware that some superbly fine and pure red wines were made. The very best will give their brothers from 2002 strong competition, and they always had finer tannins than 02.
The whites were a little less round than 99, 00 or 02, but can have nicely linear and concentrated fruit.



2001 Bichot Albert, Vosne-RomanéeMar. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is still interesting, if with a slightly heavy emphasis on coconut-oak but a nice acid-red fruit bubbles below. In the mouth this is slightly narrower and sharper than its youth but despite a little coconut flavour there’s good acidity and a nice dimension of fresh finishing flavour with fine length. Half the bottle was left overnight in the fridge. Next day the aromas are more interesting; the coconut is gone and it’s replaced with a little ginger-cake. In the mouth the wine also seems rounder and again no coconut – less narrow, more generous. I’d definitely rebuy this based on the day two performance, as for day one, I’m not the greatest fan of coconut!
2001 Bichot Albert, Vosne-RomanéeOct. 2006
Medium-plus ruby-red. On opening the wine has super red fruit in a Vosne vernacular, then in minutes tightens leaving just a few high tones. Wait about one hour and there is a softening; sweet fruit and a note that hovers between coffee and pipe tobacco. Good texture – fine tannins – real intensity in the mid-palate and excellent balance with the acidity. There is a good finish and a good feeling to match. I’ve liked this wine for a while and given that it seems to be tightening a little, the last few bottles will have to rest for a few years now. Still very good.
2001 Bichot Albert, Vosne-RomanéeMar. 2005
I’ve usually shied away from the Bichot wines, not sure why, I’ve rarely seen them reviewed, maybe it was a hangover of Anthony Hanson’s assessment in his book! Certainly the label is nice and attractive but what about the wine? Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The high-toned nose instantly betrays a little toasty oak but then it’s gone leaving predominantly red fruit with a little white pepper. Fresh palate with sufficiently intense red fruit for the appellation and much finer tannins than the Chevigny V-R that follows it. Super acidity and creamy length. Not as robust as the Chevigny and perhaps not quite as concentrated but there’s a really lovely mouthfeel here. Obviously quite young but pure and not obviously oaky either. Next time the co-op has a sale I will certainly buy a few more – a success – maybe I should arrange a visit!
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