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2005 Lejeune Bourgogne2005 Lejeune, Bourgogne
It’s at least a couple of years ago but the last bottle of this was super – a rare 500ml bottling of which, way back when, I availed myself of a whole case. On this particular occasion (bottle), it was obvious that I was faced with a very spongy cork who would most-likely have some ‘dimensional integrity‘ issues – and so it was. A few minutes later, I managed to get all the pieces out of the neck without losing any. How did the cork smell? Well, no TCA – good! – but within the sweetness of fruit the aromas of brett mingled too. I tried to drink a glass – the rest of the wine putting up a good show – but the performance was overly dominated by the brett. I’m far from the most sensitive to this issue – but this was comfortably beyond my personal limits – the wine went down the sink. Over a certain age, it is often said that there are no good wines, just good bottles – well, this was neither of those.
Rebuy – No – hopefully some of the remaining bottles fair better…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Fred Schilling25th September 2023 at 10:05 pmPermalinkReply

    Also being a member of the brett hating society it does pay to be aware of some of its foibles. It can bloom in bottle and expand in the glass, once poured. Being a highly volatile compound, brettanomyces can volatalise to a greater or lesser degree out of wine with aeration and make that wine acceptable depending upon the detection/acceptance threshold of a drinker.

    Whatever you do, I believe that it’s best to not immediately dump the bottle contents but use it as an experiment to learn from by leaving open/decanting/re-cork and store in the fridge and see what happens, if anything. May become a battle between brett dissipation and growth in VA.

    Just when it seemed that Burgundy had mastered the brett problems of yore, I have read of its re-emergence in these recent times of global warming induced hot/solar vintages. Scrupulous cellar hygiene being the enemy of brett

    • billn26th September 2023 at 8:15 amPermalinkReply

      Put me in the camp that finds brett at higher levels only ever getting worse, rather than better. Counter-intuitive, I know, given its supposed volatility…

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