Camille Giroud 2011 Corton-Rognets

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2011 Camille Giroud Corton-Rognets

I seem to have a number of vintages of this cuvée, and particularly in 2011 I was careful only to buy wines with no detectable (to me) pyrazine – it helped that I was triaging the ladybugs myself with this one 😉 It certainly worked out well in this case! I have older vintages 08 and 09 among them – but I thought the rounder, ‘tender,’ 2011 might be the best choice – that worked out too:

2011 Camille Giroud, Corton-Rognets
A great cork – only 1-2 mm of wine ingress along its length. Transparent but still a good depth colour. This nose still swirls with a bit more oak than I would like – smoky-creamy – but the nose seems quite silky and inviting – almost a little saline too – becoming more vibrant with time. Hmm, now that sits very nicely on the palate, silky wine of quite some depth of flavour, the salinity of the nose being even more overt in the middle to finishing flavours. Fading nicely. True to the vintage this is a wine with super finesse though no ‘iron fist.’ I thought of the word ‘graceful’ while drinking but felt that it implied a lack of material – this wine lacks for very little! But there is obviously no rush to drink – I’d wait 3-4 more years to see if the oak fades more – it only seems to be fading glacially though…
Rebuy – Yes

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