next weekend’s saint-vincent…

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Pulignacious-Montrachet, Corpeau-Montrachet and Blagny-Montrachet are slowly bracing themselves for next week’s, long-delayed, Tournante Saint Vincent 2021.

Already the difference between Friday and Saturday was obvious in Puligny with more ‘decorations’ visible.

Today, we lunched at Auberge du Vieux Vigneron in Corpeau and so could extract a few stats from Jean Charles Fagot:

  • There are 35,000 tickets sold – so these people get access to the special cuvées of the St.Vincent, amongst other things. But if the weather is kind, they are hoping for more than 80,000 visitors!
  • To assuage the thirst of these 35k ticket-holders wait 17,000 bottles of the St.Vincent cuvées…
  • And just to make sure that your olfactory senses are fully functional you may, from some distance, note Jean Charles’ two stalls selling snails. He’s anticipating selling 3,000 dozen of them! – I asked how much garlic that would require – and he just laughed…

Enjoy if you are going! –

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