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Well, there have been a few that I haven’t mentioned.

Starting with a cha-cha-cha phase that was followed with a bit more Cha! Chambollow, Chiroubles, Chenas and then more from Chambolle:

First up was Pauline Passot’s 2019 Chiroubles Claudius
Lighter colour than I remember – a bit of surprise. Still absolutely delicious but like the colour this flavour profile is showing some extra maturity – a surprise for such a youngster – so it’s a wine to monitor – but life will not be hard if I have to drink the remaining bottles! Rebuy – Maybe (for now)
2017 Chambolle-Musigny Les Nazoires from the Boursot brothers
A wine that is completely delicious and finely textured – no need to wait, no need to rush – it’s just drinking beautifully and will hold for at least another 10 years if you wish. Rebuy -Yes!
2018 Céline et Nicolas Hirsch, Chénas Les Brureaux
This has deep colour and lots of dark but exciting fruit. This is generous and mouth-filling wine – never ponderous, indeed a wine that is far too easy to drink right now. Easy to recommend. Rebuy – Yes
2005 Antonin Guyon, Chambolle Clos du Village
This wine is still deeply coloured – and what a nose! Basso-profundo, with much volume and an almost textured cushion. Great wine today and in a perfect place for drinking. Like the Gambal Charmes from a couple of weeks back, 2005 Chambolles continue to demonstrate why I consider this the epicentre of greatness in the 2005 vintage. Generous, gorgeous, flattering, delicious wine – Bravo! Rebuy – Like a shot I’ve rarely bought cases of 12 but this was one I chose directly after tasting – I had to wait for it to be bottled – though I felt it to be quite expensive at the time, ~€24 per bottle!
2017 Château Bonnet‘s Moulin à Vent Chien de Garde
Seemingly another winner. Full, well-textured the aromas and flavours also generous but delivered with fine energy. No shrinking violet, this one, but a very moreish wine. A winner! Rebuy – Yes
2019 La Croix Montjoie, Vézelay ‘l’Elégante’
The last of this little tour. Some extra colour and aromas that show more maturity than in the first 18 months I’ve been drinking it. But still showing energy and a nicely vibrant line of tasty flavour. I did prefer this wine when (even) younger (like the first wine from Passot) but it remains fresh and satisfying, tasty wine. Rebuy – Maybe

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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