2005 – Cornu’s Savigny villages – Les Saucours


Cornu 2005 Savigny Saucours

2005 Cornu, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Saucours
Plenty of colour, though it’s starting to show some age. This nose starts compact but clean, fine, with a little brown sugar, slowly a few floral references too. Ooh – that’s very direct and narrow to start with but it’s also beautifully silky too. The flavour broadening out in the finish, slightly metallic but in a good way and of good depth too! The flavours here are still quite tight but structurally/texturally this is very sophisticated, silky, Savigny. Day 2 and this wine is better on all fronts – fuller, more floral aromas and fuller more saline flavours. There’s even some nice red fruit! I still have the impression of a little metallic lilt to these flavours but it’s not excessive. Still, I’d probably consider waiting at least 2-or-3 more years before opening another of these – the quality implies excellent but remains largely latent for this cru, for now…
Rebuy – Yes

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