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Chambertin 12 days ago
Chambertin, 12 days ago

The last week, or so, has brought some welcome summer weather to Burgundy – even a few days with temperatures above 30°C. There has still been some rainfall, but more modest than in previous weeks, so the veraison is progressing. It seems that veraison in the Côte de Nuits is currently a little more advanced than in the Côte de Beaune or the Chalonnaise. The current estimates are about 50% veraison in the Côte de Beaune and closer to 90% in the Côte de Nuits. Not surprisingly, the veraison in the Hautes Côte is behind these two – but that’s completely normal.

It should be noted that the modest rain of the last days follows on from no lack of rain in the previous weeks – so, there is still much humidity in the Côtes and in the vines. This week the temperatures have been modest – largely under 25°C – it could get closer to 30° at the weekend but next week we will return to 25°C or a bit less.

Given the continuation of warm but not hot weather and still plenty of humidity there remains the question of ‘maladies.’ The bunches of grapes have largely passed the stage where they can be infected by mildew – so those that were clean should remain so – but the weather is allowing plenty of new shoots to be produced and these are susceptible to the disease. Oïdium remains present in the vines – exacerbated by the heavy morning dews.

The harvest date predictions have remained quite stable – though the window is wide – 15-25 September remains the window for most producers, red and white – for now! Officially after the last treatment, you shouldn’t harvest grapes for 30 days – so most producers have already finished their last treatments and are now on holiday.

At least the weather this year will mean that there will be significantly fewer sun-burned clusters of grapes to triage.

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