some côte d’or images from this week & the 2021 vintage state of play


Subtitled; A little Savigny and a lot of Beaune:

I’ve got to say, it’s still cold. There’s a little wind, occasional showers too. Despite the occasional sun(!), it’s rarely been more than 14-17°C this week, and the mornings are hardly into double figures.

There are still plenty of brave souls sitting in the terraces of restaurants café/bars too though – me included – if not always for long.

Remember when it was about 23°C in February? Well, luckily we don’t have such temperatures right now or mildew would be developing – as it is, in these cool, windy conditions there are very few worries right now. Treatments? Well, that’s a bit more tricky! Plenty would like to be treating – but then they expect rain, or the wind is a little too strong – nobody said it would be easy! It is reported that next week could see a return to temperatures in the mid-20s°C – tricky in the vines but the restaurant and café owners will be starting to smile…

I introduced you to my ‘Iris Gauge’ last week and finally, my first Iris of 2021 has flowered – 18 days later than in 2021. It seems that my Swiss garden is underestimating the relative delay versus last year – at least as far as the vines of the Côte d’Or are concerned – the Chambre d’Agriculture are currently estimating a little over 4 weeks delay vs last year, placing the harvest currently in line with the timing of 2013 – who remembers how cold and wet that harvest was? – in October!!!

The one positive in the weather, so far, is that the rain of this month has come some of the way towards bringing the year’s rainfall closer to the average…

I think that’s enough weather for today!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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