“if you must have Jayer – any Jayer for your own cellar – this was a one-off. In the modern world this was as good as it gets” – part 2!


Those were my words 3 years ago – Of course, you didn’t think it would end like that, did you?

Hey presto! Here comes part 2!

Baghera - Jayer 2
Image from Baghera…

It is Baghera, once more, championing perfect provenance bottles from Henri Jayer – or more correctly – the eldest daughter of Henri, Lydie.

Or are they perfect provenance?

The source is, of course, paramount but so are the storage conditions. Jayer’s old lock-up was hardly the creme de la creme of storage facilities and for the last 3 years since they were relabelled for the previous Baghera-Jayer sale, how were these wines kept? There are no answers to be found here and for sure I don’t expect such considerations to dissuade the bidders…

You may peruse the lots, if you wish, here.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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