this week’s snaps…

Update 25.2.2021(24.2.2021)billn

Let the sun shine…

Today was just over 20°C, but because of an almost constant wind – it felt chilly after my lunchtime run – still, never forget, it’s February, despite what my (jogging!) shorts and t-shirt might suggest!

It’s the final phase of my 3 weeks in Beaujolais – it looks like almost 70 domaines will be in the bag at report-time – all hopefully published before the end of March. The most comprehensive Chablis and Beaujolais reports there are – so people tell me – the Côte d’Or selection is not bad either 😉 That will be over 280 domaine’s wines profiled for the 2019 reports – so far…

Anyway, some of this week’s snaps:

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