volnay’s warming biennial festivities for the police-industrial complex…


Tar and feathers!Perhpas you may remember the image to the right – almost exactly 2 years ago. The culmination of a game that began in the summer, first by knocking over, then burning & flaying (more than once), then finally tarring and feathering the radar camera for detecting speeding cars that had been installed on the Route Nationale below Volnay. The remains of the metal box were taken away by the authorities – never to return – or so we thought…

Truth be told, that camera was intentionally very sneaky indeed – hidden behind bushes so that a driver had no chance to see it before it was too late. Given such a state of affairs, and despite the medieval tortures that this metal box was put through, nobody had the slightest sympathy for said metal box.

Move on 2 years and at the beginning of this month, a new machine to subdue the workers arrived – more self-important, higher off the ground – and seemingly able to catalogue driving infringements in both directions too. Note that this time around, the actual apparatus stood nearly 3 metres above the ground. This was no-longer a machine to shy away in the bushes, here was a machine with dominion over all. Until this weekend – when it was set on fire again.

Despite not hiding the apparatus from view in this phase two approach, it seems that sympathy remains scant for this burnt-out hulk. It also seems that burning tyres remain an effective deterrent for the police-industrial-complex 🙂

Before and after:

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  1. Peter Kurceba28th October 2020 at 4:16 pmPermalinkReply

    Awesome! Love the French

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