just another lunchtime in tasting season…


Lunchtime jog...

Call it old age and infirmity – certainly both – but I planned to post these pics on Thursday and forgot. But they were nice pics, so…

A nice round run on Thursday lunchtime – just over 11km – from Blagny up, then down, to Gamay. Once more up the (vineyard) road to the hill above Montrachet – Lamy’s Chatenières on this steep section. Down to Puligny village via Montrachet/Bâtard then Criots. Take the bottom road below Meursault-Charmes to the cross in the vines, followed by left-turn up the hill to follow the road between Genevrières-Charmes and Perrières above until the right turn back up to Blagny.

With (aiming for) 5 visits a day just now (but this week I’m back in Switzerland) – finshing after 7pm usually means that I’m hungry when I get back to the apartment – and after eating the ‘lust’ for a jog is certainly diminished. So grabbing a sandwich and/or quiche to munch after a lunchtime jog works well for me a couple of times per week and the fresh air is nice:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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