corton & charlemagne – the map!

Update 7.9.2020(2.9.2020)billn

I’ll be the first to admit that I get far too easily excited by maps, but here’s a new one in the series by Laurent Gotti – perhaps with help from his new partner Sylvain Pitiot? – Laurent is now joined with Sylvain, replacing the name Poupon, on what was once the indispensable book of vineyard maps by Pitiot & Poupon – it still is indispensable if you have small pockets. For those of you with more space, this would be my first choice 🙂

From Beaune’s Athenaeum – here. Shining light onto, perhaps, the most complicated (ownership and wine-colour wise) of all Burgundy’s grand crus. I suppose I will be buying a copy this week!

Image from Athenaeum.

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