corks – as always

Update 30.6.2020(28.6.2020)billn

corked and not corked

Having opened the wine of the Comtesse (de Vazeilles) at the end of last week, I thought why not take in the wine of the Comte (Liger-Belair) to start my weekend(?) – You can see that it is the small things that amuse me!

Clearly one of these producers had paid quite a bit more for their seal – but to no avail – the 2013 Vosne was corked. Not strongly corked, but a little more than liégeux as the French would describe ‘faintly detectably corked.‘ I’d rather be talking about the wine – which for the record was a little reductive – but in this case (comparison) it was the cheaper seal that did the job…

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