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“It’s a shame that we lack data for 1945, and even more so, 1947, but what’s striking is that the majority of the hottest days on record are still from 2003 – 1947 would likely have offered competition! All of the top 10 hottest vintages are post-2000 with six of the seven hottest vintages all post-2011 – 2003 being the seventh! Even 2014, which I consider to be the last of the classic red vintages – ie not super-sweet – is the 5th hottest year in our list!”

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. goughie1317th April 2020 at 6:28 pmPermalinkReply

    Very interesting, thanks Bill. 2019 I can vividly recall still – goodness me was that a hot vendange to work, seriously ! I remember thinking I’d never been so hot & thirsty in my life during some of the afternoons of that harvest when we drank water like drowning men (and women !). I think, yes, sure it was, that year when I set off from Morey at c19.00hrs for an evening in Beaune and the car was registering 29.5 degrees C even at that time so goodness only knows what the temps had been earlier !

    Am mildly surprised 2013 doesn’t feature in the coldest years. That was a horror show into October. For Domaine Arlaud our closing work was on the Hautes-Cotes plateau. It was so cold at c7.00 a.m in Morey that the interior, that’s interior, windscreens of our two trucks were iced. The reality on the Hautes-Cotes, and in the vines, was appalling in terms of picking conditions which, for more detail, is in the Vendange Diary for that year. Shudders…….. at the recall !

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