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Update 11.3.2020(10.3.2020)billn

But still a satisfying result!

The auction of the Hospices de Nuits:

Before the sale there were many questions; would buyers come? How would the Trump-tax affect sales? How will the backdrop of coronavirus make itself felt? In the end, the buyers did come but largely, the newer Asian buyers chose not to make the trip – presumably due to virus worries.

The 59th Hospices de Nuits auction can consider itself a good one – not reaching the heights of the 2018 sale (the 2017 vintage delivered many barrels and 1.750M €) – but 1.60M € this year versus 1.475M € in 2019 left smiles on the faces of the organisers.

The result itself, per barrel, was better than it first seems as there were fewer barrels this year than in 2019 – the ‘correct‘ prices supported by good sentiments over the quality. So a modest price increase and a good sale for the Hospices de Nuits.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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