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It’s been all go here in the last couple of weeks – though you’d hardly notice from the posts here. Thankfully Mark de Morey (de la Vosne) has been prolific in the last couple of weeks!

This week has been the perfect example; Monday a relatively easy start; a vertical of a well-known Beaune followed by my last ‘white wine domaine’ visit that will (still) feature in the October report. Additionally, I had to arrange new winter tyres for the scooby-doo – they will be fitted tomorrow, after 3 domaine visits, just before heading home to Switzerland. Tuesday saw 160 Beaujolais Nouveau to be tasted – some people comment ‘courage!’ but that’s for an entirely different arena – that said, you definitely have to grind out the last 60 or so! The notes/infos will be online, here in the Diary, well before the 3rd Thursday of this month.

To celebrate finishing the marathon tasting, the local Beaujolais team took me, and the other tasters, out to a restaurant in the evening, but I was sat in the back of this (seeming) rollercoaster of a sportively driven car, far too hot, so came within a hair of vomiting – that was pretty shitty – I can say that today, 2 days later, my head is practically back in a normal zone!

Wednesday – well that must be Mâconnais! The other ‘last’ visits for the ‘white’ October report. Here I should meet, in two locations, all of the AVBS – well, I managed most of them anyway. I haven’t counted how many wines, but certainly 100 or more – my teeth are now über-sensitive and über-unhappy! And people seem to think that this job is fun! 😉

Today was practically a holiday – only 4 visits and a mere 37 wines tastes (but with tooth pain!) – luxury! So that’s my (mainly) rainy week in Beaune – so far! Here are a few images from the week:

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