2019 Beaujolais Nouveau

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160 wines blind-tasted in Beaujolais, 05 November 2019.

Of course, 2019 was another in the series, the trilogy, of warm years – but one with instances of frost. More drastic than the frost was a late-arriving hailstorm that on the 20th of August swept through the south of Beaujolais, cutting yields – in some cases drastically. The average losses were minus 30% – but it was Beaujolais-Villages where the most was lost, hence, the volume of ‘Nouveau de Garde’ has been significantly reduced this year.

I’ve previously laughed out load about the concept of Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Nouveau that you can cellar – so I will not bore you about that, not this time!

This year I embarked on a 160 wine gamayathon; I was certainly tired at the end, fortunately not emotional though! This year we even had 8 Nouveau of a different colour – rosé… That’s up from the 3 from last year that I didn’t taste(!) At this rate of growth we will have 20 in 2020!

What to expect and what’s really worth buying

So three quite hot years, generally that’s beneficial to the quality, but with three different results:
2017 – low yielding and probably because of that a really high quality in both the Nouveau and the Villages Nouveau
2018 – less low yielding, and that was the crux. Basic Nouveau was much more variable but the Villages Nouveau was more consistent
2019 – because of frost and hail, yields were cut, and for the consumer that has once more brought consistency and quality to the basic Nouveau category due to lower yields. I think only twice did I instantly say ‘No!’ and run from a particular wine. As for the Villages Nouveau – here was overwhelmingly more concentration and particularly intensity – the intensity of acidity – probably okay if you wish to cellar your Nouveau for 6-12 months, but I was looking for the balance for drinking now, and from this tasting that was relatively rare. As for the rosé wines – super, all of them – really a great source of easy, delicious drinking for the next weeks – or even longer – why not?

My top 2019 Beaujolais Nouveau:

In the order that they were tasted:

2019 Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé – Philippe Deschamps, Perle de Rosé

2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Collin Bourisset, Le Beaujolais de Collin Bourisset
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Domaine Les Gryphées G et P Durdilly, Japon
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Collin Bourisset, Non Filtré
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Domaine des Cinq « Pierre » Deshaye Pierre Loron
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Ferraud P et Fils, Cuvée D’Autrefois
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Brossette et Fils, Empreinte
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Olivier Coquard
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Jean Loron, Tradition
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Château du Chatelard, Les Gourmandises
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Olivier Coquard, Culotte de Velours
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Cave de Bully, Terroirs de Bully
2019 Beaujolais Nouveau – Château de L’Eclair, L401

2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Jérôme Lacondemine, Coeur de Raisin
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Jean Marc Dupré, Vignes de 1940
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine Gaget, Vinum Memoria
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine Pierre David
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Pierre Dupond, Seconde Nature
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine Bel Avenir – Cécile Dardanelli, By Bel Avenir
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Agamy, Le Chat Rouge
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine des Nugues – Gilles Gelin, Bouteille Cirée
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine de Colette – Jacky Gauthier, Natur’elle de Colette
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Château du Chatelard, Vieilles-Vignes
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine de Thulon EARL Jambon
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Philippe Vermorel – Domaine de Rochemure
2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Château de L’Eclair

Click below to see notes for the remaining 136 wines:

Only to note, just one single wine, from 160, was corked. That’s a remarkable result when you consider that Nouveau will be sealed with the cheaper end of corks and closures.

2019 Beaujolais-Nouveau Rosé:

Philippe Deschamps, Perle de Rosé
Pale salmon. Hmm, that’s a fine nose – easy, attractive certainly inviting. Incisive, mineral, but meting flavour. Slightly saline – easy and delicious with a faint touch of finishing tannin!

Pierre Marie Chermette, Griottes
Screwcap. Pale, less attractively coloured. Depth, round, seems concentrated – less inviting. Good driving and freshness – plenty of wine here. Sweet and weighted with good balance. Still impressive – lots of finishing salinity.

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, Les Cadoles d’Iconia
Pretty salmon pink. A little melon fruit and yeast. Easy, great line and freshness. Fine…

Domaine de Rotisson, Didier Pouget
Pale pink again. A nose with some depth but tighter in the width. Wide, mineral, no hardness or rigour. Delicious wine.

Vignerons Agamy Signé
Pink screwcap. A suggestion more colour – pink of-course. A full, rounder nose – attractive. Bright, fine acidity, layered. Long, super rosé.

Domaine Romy, Le Mouflet
Medium (for rosé) colour. A more saline, less inviting nose. More gas, mineral, sweet-fruited. Good, indeed tasty, but far from the best here.

Domaine de la Revol, C et T Debourg
A little extra pink colour. Understated but fine nose of clarity. Wide, fresh, good attack, intensity in the middle and finish too – more a wine for keeping(?) Good wine.

Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau Rosé:

Domaine Longère
Fine pink colour. Hmm – wide, faintly herbed. More concentration, wide over the palate – more of some things vs the easier wines at the start, less delicious today though. For waiting!

2019 Beaujolais Nouveau:

Domaine de la Revol, C et T Debourg
Plenty of colour. Sweet, round, quite attractive fruit. Supple, mobile flavour, concentrated. Excellent. Very tasty wine.

Jean Michel Dupré, 1929
Sommelier bottle. Plenty of colour again. A modest touch of reduction, so a deep nose. Supple, fresh a little more mineral and open. The finish is super, the start less attractive today.

André Colonge et Fils, Gatsby Gamay
Open, easy, inviting nose. A little more strict, mineral – but open and complex – I like this. Some tannin. A more structural and mouth-watering wine – less easy but I like!

Domaine du Champ de la Croix
Deeper colour. Bright fruit – with some depth – bubble-gum style. Wide, a little tart, a good base of velvet tannin, some bitters in the finish.

Domaine des Terres Dorées Jean Paul Brun, L’Ancien
Deep, faintly reductive. Drive, direct, great freshness, spoiled by the reduction – carafe if you can, the wine is very good behind.

Collin Bourisset, La Cuvée à la Con
Deepest colour yet. Deeply fruited – darker fruit. Supple, concentrated, serious but also highly drinkable. Just a little finishing astringence. Excellent wine!

Domaine de Rotisson Didier Pouget
A nose that’s more mineral and saline. Fresh, mineral, open, plenty of acidity and salinity – a little herb too. Lacks charm…

Collin Bourisset, Le Beaujolais de Collin Bourisset
Lots of colour. Deep, brooding dark fruit. Supple, concentrated, a nice wave of fresh flavour, long, faintly furry tannin – delicious!
Domaine Les Gryphées G et P Durdilly, Japon
Plenty of colour. Not a big nose but precise, pure and inviting. Fresh, faintly herbed, far from the sweetest, but I like the complexity of the fresh fruit. Delicious finishing, it’s a new favourite!

Florent Descombe
Modest colour – for gamay! Bubble-gum, easy nose. Open, but less volume than most, acidity that melts but not quite seamlessly. Faint bitters before an attractive finale.

Steeve Charvet
Modest colour. Mobile complex red fruit of a good and forward volume. Open, melting soft red fruit. Very tasty fruit, melting flavour, becoming saline. Easy but very tasty style.

Wine #12 corked

Anne et Jean Marc Troncy, La Ricottière
Medium colour. Deep fruit with a suggestion of reduction. Fresh, driving, mineral style but with a lovely drive to fine flavour. Excellent!

Château de Corcelles
Horrible pear-shape shape bottle. Darker colour. The nose saline, herbed and lacking attractiveness. Supple, nicely concentrated, wide on the palate. In the mouth this is good stuff but the nose needs to clean up – maybe with a carafe.

Collin Bourisset, Nature
Heavier bottle with obligatory deeper colour. Deep but not reductive – less width than the last but much more purity. Big, open, a suggestion of gas – tannin too. A slightly bubble-gum flavour that finishes more mineral.

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, Terra Iconia
Medium colour. Wide and deep, fresh higher-toned saline complexity too. Open, with plenty of concentration, a small touch of velvet-textured tannin. Long finishing this is for keeping a little longer than the others but I like it very much.

Collin Bourisset, Henri Louis
Medium-plus colour. Deep and interesting, there’s nice purity to this nose. Open, faint gas, but the texture is fine – though adding velvet in the finish. Super.

Mickael Nesme
Plenty of colour. A complex, mineral, nose. In the mouth there’s lots of action, good balance and fine finishing complexity – it’s far from the most delicious today though…

Agamy Signé Vignerons, Nature
Plenty of colour. Hmm – dark fruited but open and virile. Open, dark fruit again, fresh, muscular, no hard edges. Modest finishing waves of flavour – here a touch roast but overall excellent wine.

Domaine Girin
Dark colour. Tight top notes but this has depth to the aroma. Fresh, wide, a touch of minerality, super finishing fruit, but you have to wait for this highlight, I find the first palate indistinct.

Agamy Signé Vignerons, Le Beaujolais de Juliette
Lots of colour. A nose that’s quite open and inviting. Mouth-filling, with some growing velvet tannin. Hmm, like the last the finish is complex and open .- this wine generally more rewarding today – a lovely sneaky finish here.

Collin Bourisset, Non Filtré
Deep colour. Deep and dark fruited. Nice texture, there’s a drive to this wine too. A little growing velvet tannin, ooh – delicious and far from facile. Excellent wine.

Robert Perroud, Vieilles-Vignes
Heavy bottle so surprisingly less colour! Open, fresh, even a touch floral. Structural, saline, mineral and mouth-watering. Young but long. Less delicious than the previous but still very good.

Domaine de la Grosse Pierre, Get up in the wine pool
Ooh – bright pink-red! Vegetal. Ouch – no. (I had to wash the glass)

Anthony Perol, Le P’tit Nouveau
Medium colour. Not the most attractive nose, suggesting a shade of reduction. Mouth-filling, quite okay finishing – a mineral wine.

Domaine Saint Cyr, French Kiss Kanon
Modest colour. Modest, high-toned, almost a red-current nose. Supple, mobile decent energy. I like the mineral, saline but mouth-watering finish. Open and good.

Olivier Depardon, Cuvée Prestige
Deeper colour. Not a big nose, needs a carafe. Mouth-filling, filling every nook, full, not bad finishing flavour – in fact getting better all the time.

Domaine des Belles Filles
Medium colour. Some interesting, quite attractive higher tones. Wide, a mineral style, supple in the middle, quite a big finish – it could be tastier – but the length is impressive!

Jean Michel Dupré, Vignes de 1911
Red wax topped. Medium colour. Hmm – open quite a complex and ultimately inviting nose. Starts with drive and minerality, a little herbed in the middle but very tasty in the middle, less so in the finish. A curate’s egg…

Michel Guignier
Medium-minus colour. A nose with some reduction. Wide, mineral, lacking sucrosity, astringent finishing – no…

Joubert SARL, Cuvée à l’Ancienne
Medium colour. Modest but clean nose. Full, low sulfur, fine texture. Long, saline, velvet finishing. Excellent!

Domaine du Guélet – C et D Puillat
Lots of colour. This deep nose has a hint something less attractive in the depth. Open, mineral, fresh, depth of flavour – young but very good here. Needs time, but I remain unsure of the nsoe.

Domaine Forétal – Jean Yves Perraud
Lots of colour. A little bubble-gum top notes but nice depth of darker fruit. Supple, transparent, nice depth – this has a little bubble-gum style of flavour too, but the finish is very tasty.

Domaine des Cinq « Pierre » Deshaye Pierre Loron
Lots of colour again. Hmm, this nose starts compact but it’s practically the first that opens with a pretty floral note – very attractive. Mouth-filling, concentrated, energetic – lots of fine complexity – not a facile wine, rather one with invigorating complexity.
Ferraud P et Fils, Cuvée D’Autrefois
Dark coloured wine. Fresh nose – width and a little mineral – no rigour. Supple, sweet, mouth-watering with flavour. Pure fruit, almost liqueur, velvet tannin to finish. This is fine Nouveau!

Domaine Les Gryphées – G et P Durdilly , ‘France’
Medium, plus colour. Hmm – open, depth, higher tones – a round and openly attractive nose. Gas. Open, a little too bubble-gum flavour profile to start, but finish with a little tannin, is attractive with a touch of bitters…

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, Les Cadoles d’Iconia
Medium-plus colour. Bright, obvious aromas – but clean and attractive. Gas. The flavour again obvious but well done, good finishing. It’s clearly Nouveau, but a good 2019 nouveau…

Brossette et Fils, Empreinte
Complex, wide – inviting – creamy! Full, open – I love the clarity. This is such a balanced and inviting wine – yes some tannin but I think really a top wine.

Maxime Troncy, Sourire de nouveau
Medium colour. Open, mineral with dark fruit – just a touch of herbed rigour to this nose – improving impressively in the glass. Round, supple, sweet – low sulfur(?) Delicious middle flavours – no rigour and completely drinkable. Long, the last note less delicious but excellent wine.

Domaine des Terres Dorées Jean Paul Brun, Cuvée Première
Medium-plus colour. The nose is rather anonymous I feel, though air adds some freshness of fruit. Supple, deep flavour – delicious, sweet, mouth-watering, juicy – ooh that’s good and complex.

Famille Chasselay, La Marduette
Medium colour. Toasty salinity. Fresh, supple, layered fruit – so much nicer than the nose. Sweet, delicious finishing with a small resurgence of the salinity – half great!

Agamy Signé Vignerons, Louis Tête Envie
Medium colour. A saline freshness, faintly reductive. Drive, freshly sweet fruit, this is rather good – long, with waves of fresh finishing flavour – excellent!

Olivier Coquard
A little deeper coloured. Open, lots of depth to this darker fruit. Incisive, concentrated but sleek and fresh – long – this has a super finish.

Pierre Dupond, Non Filtré
Deeper colour. A nose that’s rather compact. Direct, intense, a little herbed, long. Intense and rather good…

Famille Chasselay
More modest colour. A nose that is also modest but open and clean. Nice shape and width in the mouth – good fruit, long. Some of the dimensions are modest, but as a package this is excellent.

Agamy Signé Vignerons, ‘Domaine de Solémy Vieilles Vignes’
Medium colour. A little salinity and pleasing red fruit. This is nicely shaped and even elegant in the mouth. Long, tasty, a very good wine.

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, La Rose Pourpre
Sommelier bottle. Medium-plus colour. A nose that starts burly but becomes ever finer with air – eventually lovely. Open, depth of fresh fruit. A super finishing wave of flavour – this is excellent again.

Château de la Rigodière, ‘Loron’
Medium colour. The nose starts tight but opens with very pretty fruit indeed – lovely. Plenty of volume in the mouth – impact of freshness, lots of depth to this flavour. Once more excellent – the finish even better than that!

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, Domaine des Ifs
Deeper colour. Opens slowly, faintly saline. Nice in the mouth, volume, energy and delicious flavour. Excellent again.

Vignerons des Pierres Dorées, Château de Danzé
Lots of colour. A modest volume of aroma but a good aroma! Supple, round, melting fruit flavour, growing with some tannin, long, mouth-watering Good.

Domaine de Baluce JY et A Sonnery
Medium colour. A rather modest nose, slightly saline. Fresh – open, red-fruited, rather mineral a little ‘thin’ but good length.

Guillaume Blanchet
Lots of colour. A nose that becomes more interesting with air – saline and with a good depth of fresh dark fruit. Nice in the mouth – fresh, more of direction than width. Good wine.

Château de Buffavent Denis Chilliet
Medium colour. A nose that needs air but seems to need plenty of time to open up too. Nice shape and texture, really a good intensity of deep middle flavour. The finish is long but more compact. Good wine.

Domaine Romy, Le Mouflet
Medium colour. A modest volume of aroma but it’s pretty fruit that’s on display. A touch of velvet tannin and a nice saline freshness in the width. Good length – tasty wine.

Ferraud P et Fils, La Guingette de Domi
Medium colour. A modest nose again but with good freshness and a faint salinity. Depth to the structure here, a little velvet tannin. Good wine again.

Domaine des Combiers Savoye Laurent
Medium colour. A strong salinity on the nose here, slowly building with a depth of fruit. Gas. Plenty of velvet tannin, direct, but slowly mouth-watering in the finish. Needs a little more charm.

David Large, Massai
Heavy bottle, black wax, dark colour – the full set. This starts with good width, and even hints at some florals. That’s a good nose, complex, fresh, faintly spiced if modest volume. Supple, depth of flavour, the tannin very well covered. There’s a saline intensity to the finish that’s slightly less delicious but impressively long.

Jean Loron, Tradition
Deeper colour. Hmm, that’s a beautiful depth of aroma – yes! Complex – mobile – tasty, lovely wine. Bravo.

M Merchier, Rive Droite de la Saone
Plenty of colour. The nose starts a little stewed – it needs air. Good width on the palate. I like the drive and intensity of the fruit, mouth-watering, but the minerality is not yet fully delicious. A fine package though.

Château du Chatelard, Les Gourmandises
Medium-minus colour. A rather thin nose to start – but one that blooms in the glass with really super, almost floral red fruit. Good shape in the mouth – mouth-filling, layered, slowly changing flavour. This has an excellent finish – carafe – you will be rewarded. Excellent wine.

Pierre André Dumas
Medium colour. A modest nose – at least to start – but no faults. Energy and volume in the mouth. A little extra tannin, but also there’s a little extra finishing flavour too. This is super but you should wait a few months…

Château de Vaux Yannick de Vermont
Very deep colour. Concentrated, almost inky aroma. Concentrated, tannic, extracted wine. Long and intense but lacking deliciousness today – more like a villages style.

Anthony Perol, Abracadaboum
Sommelier bottle. Medium-plus colour. Another wine with an inky style to the depth of aroma. Wide, again intense but a finer structure, less overtly tannic, but the intensity is a little bitter.

Philippe Deschamps
Medium colour. A modest volume of aroma, but deep and attractively floral too. A fine grain of tannin supports a wine of fresh attack but depth of fruit to balance. A good big mouthful of fine Beaujolais here.

Pierre Marie Chermette, Griottes
Medium colour. The nose is open but not so demonstrative – no faults though. Intense ripe fruit of high-toned style. The finish is understated but completely delicious and long. Excellent.

Domaine Gaget, Les Galets
Medium-minus colour. Deep a little saline, tighter in the higher aromas. Supple, layered delivery of fruit flavour. A little bitterness in the more mineral finishing flavour.

Domaine de Champ Fleury
Medium-minus colour. A modest volume of aroma – but attractive all the same. Gassy. The flavour is not bad, but this is too gassy…

Domaine des Marrans – Mélinand et Fils
Medium colour. A relatively compact nose but no faults. Open, fresh, quite complex, this has a nice line of flavour through the core and into the subtle but fine mouth-watering finish – I like it very much.

Olivier Coquard, Culotte de Velours
Heavy sommelier bottle. Lots of colour. Hmm – not a big nose but a very attractive volume and delicacy – it’s a super invitation. Silky, sophisticated, layered, beautiful fruit. Great Nouveau of fine length.
Cave de Bully, Terroirs de Bully
Medium-plus colour. Hmm – that’s got quite a nice volume, energy and complexity. Supple, layered, widening with fine fruit, absolutely excellent. Perfectly packaged, delicious wine.

Emmanuel Fellot, Vieilles Vignes
Medium colour. That’s a lovely width of fresh aroma – nice. Good volume, changing, evolving, a little velvet tannin left on the palate. Tasty wine.

Château de L’Eclair, L401
Deeper colour. Fresh, open, darkly complex fruit. Deep, fine texture, layers, indeed waves of finishing flavour. That’s a great finish too – long, incisive, but also easy to enjoy…

Château de L’Eclair, L402
Medium, medium-plus colour. A little swirling liberates more interest – it’s a good nose with no faults. Fresh, wide, intense, a little grain – that’s a nice purity of fruit. Excellent.

2019 Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau:

Philippe Viet
Deeper colour, a little cloudy too. A modest nose – low sulfur(?) Direct attack, intense, lots of acidity with a slightly hard line to the structure, yet then melts very nicely over the palate – lovely here.

Pierre André Dumas
Medium-plus colour. Plenty of width, also a suggestion of softer, low sulfur fruit. Attack again, lots of energy here. Open, long, almost staining power to this flavour. To wait a little while for, but it’s super.

Domaine Bernard Jomain, Les Racines Retrouvées
Medium colour. Bright, lovely clarity here, wide, plenty of salinity on show – another really excellent, lip-smacking wine.

Domaine Joncy, La Trad’Nature
Red wax topped. Very deep colour. A nose of dark fruit, stewing a little. Bright, fresh – a wall of flavour, mineral, complex – I love the energy here – long, mouth-watering – a nose short of great!

Aurélie Durnérin
Deep colour. This nose suggesting a little volatility but opening with a nice quality of fruit. Wide – mouth-filling freshness, a wave of delicious, acid-led flavour, faintly velvet astringency as the last act. Excellent!

Domaine Forétal – Jean Yves Perraud
Medium-plus colour. An attractive, very Beaujolais nose. A grain of tannin here and an insistent acid-led concentration – an intensity of flavour. This has everything except readiness – return in 6 months!

Denis Garod
Medium colour. A nose of width but modest depth of aroma. Volume, plenty of sweetness before the wave of acid-led flavour washes over you. Nicely mouth-watering in the finish – excellent!

Domaine Vavril – Jean Luc Ducruix
Medium colour. A forward, very Beaujolais nose but with a nice crisp purity. Bubble-gum flavour but depth, clarity and fine structure. Intensity of finishing flavour too. One of the most balanced so far.

Domaine de Rochemure – Philippe Vermorel, Vigne Centenaire
Medium-plus colour. Airy, plenty of aromatic volume. Supple, full, I like the texture, there’s balance to the intensity here. Long – excellent.

Brossette Père et Fils, Empreinte
Medium, medium-plus colour. Airy again but not a lot of impact from this nose. Hmm, this has a lovely line – more direct than wide, such a lot of intensity though. Long and excellent – maybe more!

Château d’Emeringes – Pierre David
Medium, medium-plus colour. A nose that needs aeration – it’s offering little. A frame of modest tannin, melting with intense flavour in the middle. This has nice waves of finishing flavour too.

Domaine Le Bourlay – P et O Le Bourlay
Deeper colour. A matching depth of almost inky aroma. Intense at the start – slowly widening to deliver that intensity all over the palate. The last flavours showing a delicacy of perfume – where did that come from? Young and intense, excellent again.

Château de Pravins – Isabelle Brossard
Deep colour. A tighter, though again, inky nose. The intensity is a given, here delivered with more width and a faintly astringent but very fine textured tannin. The finish is very good.

Domaine de la Bonne Tonne – Monique Grillet, Bojo
Much less colour – medium-minus. The fruit here more of a red berry style. Gas. The only positive I can offer is the length – it’s good and quite tasty, otherwise a weedy wine.

Domaine Laforest
More colour – obviously! A faintly reductive depth of aroma. But mouth-filling, beautifully balanced, concentrated wine – there’s a little reduction in the flavour too – without that it would be easy to recommend!

Domaine du Clos du Fief – Tête Père et Fils
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose touched by reduction, once more. Wide, intense, lacking a little charm for sure but in 6 months it could be more interesting.

Jérôme Lacondemine, Coeur de Raisin
Medium, medium-plus colour. A cliché but attractive Beaujolais nose. Mouth-filling, cool fruit, really juicy, it’s long too. I think this more than excellent!

Emmanuel Fellot
Medium colour – just! A nose of modesty but no faults. Fresh, wide, framed with a little tannin before the juicy fruit hides it. The last flavour is fine. Like many here, in youth, I’m looking for more charm!

Jean Marc Dupré, Vignes de 1940
A heavy bottle so surprisingly only a medium colour. Fresh, delicate, perfumed – what a great nose! Mouth-filling, cool, fresh fruit, layered, complex – delicious finish – hits the spot!
Domaine Gaget, Vinum Memoria
Sommelier shaped bottle. Medium, medium-plus colour. A deep nose but growing in delicacy. Good weight and volume, fresh, cool fruit. Lovely finishing – another top wine.

Domaine du Barvy – Dominique Bouillard
Medium colour. A pretty nose, of not much power. Mouth-filling, mouth-watering, tasty fruit here with a good length. Lovely.

Domaine Joncy
Medium-plus colour. A little deeper and darker fruited. Wide, growing in intensity, staining the tongue with flavour this is excellent!

Cave du Château des Loges
A chunky sommelier bottle. Medium, medium-plus colour. Plenty of aromatic volume, faintly reductive. Ooh, round, full, mouth-watering, long. That’s super finishing…

Agamy, Collines de Quincié
Medium, medium-plus colour. A modest intensity of aroma – but fine clarity to this fruit. A width of intense flavour. This is another consistly excellent villages.

Domaine Pierre David
Medium, medium-plus. Another modest volume nose but with good quality showing. Supple, mouth-filling, super balance to match the intensity. Driving through the finish – vibrating with flavour. Yes!

Jean Loron, Tradition Vieilles Vignes
Medium-plus colour. Hmm, almost a hint of orange in the fruit of this wine. A wine that starts modestly before bursting the barriers with intense flavour. This is long, palate-staining, wine. Excellent!

Domaine du Penlois Famille Besson, Cuvée André Besson
Medium-minus colour. A bright, practically red-currant style of fruit aroma. Gassy. There’s energy and complexity if you’ve the time to carafe and de-gas, but I guess that most people who are looking to drink Nouveau won’t have the time…

Ferraud P et Fils
Medium, medium-plus. A fresh nose of darker fruit – nice clarity here. Wide, concentrated with a great blend of texture and driving acidity. Long finishing too. Excellent.

Domaine Béroujon
Medium, medium-plus colour. Bright, fresh, classic Beaujolais nose. Plenty of volume – fine this – fresh, intense without harshness – really lots of finishing flavour. This is excellent.

Nicolas Boudeau, Esprit Nature
Medium, medium-plus colour. Depth of aroma – maybe a little more air required for delicacy. A more structural but no less intense wine. This begs time, it’s not yet ready, indeed still showing plenty of bitters in the finish.

Pierre Dupond, Seconde Nature
Deeper colour. High tones of dark fruit from this slightly narrower style of nose. Sweet, layered, growing in intensity, such a width of flavour, faintly saline, slightly perfumed – got to say ‘yes!’

Domaine des Nugues – Gilles Gelin
Medium, medium-plus colour. A certain sweetness to the nose – open but not full power. The palate is open mouth-filling and really excellent – the best villages have a certain balance and this comes very close to that, nicely lingering with a little saline minerality… Super

Cave du château des Loges, Premier Bain
Medium-plus colour. A modest volume of aroma, but attractive all the same, suggesting flowers. This has drive and lovely mouth-watering personality. It’s very tasty.

Domaine Monternot Les Jumeaux
Medium, medium-plus. A fine top note of freshness and suggesting salinity too. Wide, hardly any grain from tannin though a suggestion of astringency. Delicious flavour, again finishing with a little salinity but also a more perfumed component. I like this very much – less insistent intensity than many too…

Domaine Bel Avenir – Cécile Dardanelli, By Bel Avenir
Medium, medium-plus colour. Not a big nose, yet open and with a nice clean fruit. Wide, growing intensity, very tasty, this is a lovely wine.

Domaine Bertrand, By Super Canon
Medium colour. A smaller nose, but fine enough. A little narrow, more herb in this fruit – saline – a little sour finishing. Not the best balance but plenty of wine.

Domaine des Combiers – Laurent Savoye
Medium, medium-plus colour. Nice width to this fresh, dark, fruit. Another wine where the leading edge of acidity has a slightly sour note, yet the fruit behind is fine and carries some perfume. Today not the finest of balance.

Joubert, Cuvée à l’Ancienne
Medium colour. A vibrant but only marginally attractive fruit. The style of this wine is direct and lacking a little sucrosity, though it’s got a great finish.

Domaine Jérémy et Mélanie Dumord
Medium-pale colour. The nose is actually quite attractive in a rounder, low-sulfur style. Easy over the palate, certainly still good acidity. A wine that’s practically too relaxed for its own good – but the finish has nice cut. Excellent wine.

Domaine de la Milleranche – Roussot Corsin
Deep colour. A fresh, deep but also narrow nose. Wide, mouth-filling, a touch of the sour to the acidity. Long, with a faint finishing dryness. Needs time?

Château de Pougelon Famille Descombe
Medium colour. Not the most attractive nose. Supple, nice texture, layered, there’s a richness of texture. Overall not the most charming despite a lovely texture.

Gilles Gelin, Le Vin des Copains
Lots of colour. A deep if unrewarding nose. Lots of volume and the concentration to back it up. Long but another wine that lacks a little charm today.

Domaine Rochette – M et C Rochette
Medium-plus colour. A nose that suggests much but delivers little – I’ve worked with a number of people like that! – it’s clean enough though. The wine fills the palate, the acidity present but balanced. A modest astringency. Good but young.

Agamy, Le Chat Rouge
Medium-plus colour. The first for a while with a nice volume of aroma with a sweetness of fruit – isn’t that what we expect from Beaujolais? Round, nice sucrosity, lots of acidity but balance – with a clarity of fruit. Really a lovely wine – bravo!

Domaine Saint Sorlin Jacquet Père et Fils
Medium colour. Hmm, a nose of depth but not the most attractive top notes. Big, mouth-filling, some energy. Long, saline but lacking charm…

Domaine du Guélet – C et D Puillat
Medium-plus colour. Hmm, that’s attractive – not overtly sweet but with fresh fruit of attractive depth. Wide, cool fruit, composed, not overtly acidic but nicely finishing. Excellent.

Agamy, Le Beaujolais Villages d’Arthur
Medium colour. Some modest bubble-gum fruit here. A frame that’s a little astringent, but the core of this wine is sweet and sour in style so has a certain balance!

Agamy, Cuvée Bernard Pivot
Deeper colour. Freshness and volume from this nose. Plenty of volume to fill the mouth – a wave of acid-led flavour but not too penetrating – here’s balance. Good wine.

Domaine des Nugues – Gilles Gelin, Bouteille Cirée
Heavy bottle, red wax-topped. The nose is a little tight, but for sure there’s a little extra perfume here. Deep, suggesting but never delivering any reduction. Plenty of fine tannin. Really mouth-watering, almost juicy. Will be super in a year or two – in that case bravo!

Olivier Depardon, Cuvée Prestige
Medium-medium-plus colour. Another modest nose – but the width is attractive. The flavour has intensity but depth too. Slightly sour finishing but with tons of extract. Potentially excellent.

Domaine de Colette – Jacky Gauthier
Medium, medium-plus colour. Darker fruit, a faint whiff of floral perfume. Intense, almost but not quite sour acidity. Long.

Patrice Lathuilière
Heavy sommelier bottle – and darker coloured wine. A modest yet open nose – hard to find any particular ‘hooks.’ Good shape – not the biggest but with sufficient sucrosity that there is balance. Good wine.

Colonge Père et Fils, Gatsby Gamay
Medium colour. A higher-toned wine, but with some flashes of interest. Good width, a lovely growing, mouth-watering intensity. This is really quite good but to wait for.

Gérard Lagneau
Medium colour. A more airy, more Beaujolais style. Hmm, this has a lovely fresh line of flavour, young but excellent wine.

Dominique Jambon
Medium colour. Hmm, this has a fine perfume – it develops well. The wine has drive, intensity, growing complexity, and of-course youth. Excellent.

Château de Corcelles
Horrible pear-shaped bottle once-more. A modest nose but some faint interest. Depth of flavour, a persistence to the flavour too. Modest overall, but with nothing much to critique – or applaud!

Domaine de Colette – Jacky Gauthier, Natur’elle de Colette
Medium, medium-plus colour. Hmm, this has some good aromatic depth – a little tightness too. Wide, growing rounder – beautifully textured, fine fruit – only very slowly growing intensity – but it’s there – perhaps one of the best balanced wines here.

Maison Jambon – Domaine des Maisons Neuves, Léa
Medium colour. A broader nose – reduction – low sulfur – both? Width of flavour – a faint bitterness in the fresh finish but generally this is a well put together wine.

Nicolas Boudeau
Medium colour. Here’s a little bubble-gum. Fresh, some attack, but cushioned intensity all the same – The flavour goes long too. Excellent!

La Cave de Clochemerle, Tradition
Deeper colour. A modest intensity but fine nose. Round, nice layers of fresh flavour. Modest indeed attractive bitters in the finish. Very good!

Domaine Burnichon
Lots of colour but quite a tight nose – slowly liberating a sweetness and perfume at the top. The flavour fills the mouth with no hard edges. Then slowly fades. Excellent.

Château du Chatelard, l’Adorable
Medium, medium-plus colour. Hmm, that’s a good nose, fresh and nicely perfumed. Here’s an impressively growing intensity but all the time cushioned, faintly saline, long and actually quite elegant finishing. Excellent.

Philippe Deschamps
Medium colour. Not a big nose but a nice textured freshness. This wine holds it’s line well and finishes excellently.

Domaine Le Fagolet – Paul et Valérie Girard
Medium-plus colour. A nose with some good higher tones, but seems much tighter below. In the mouth both shape and texture are good, growing intensity, this is impressive but some way from drinking. Excellent wine once-more though.

Domaine des Nugues – Gilles Gelin, Sans Soufre
Medium-plus colour. Some yeasty depth. Fresh, lovely dark-fruited clarity, The finish with a modest astringence and bitterness. Excellent.

Domaine du Penlois Famille Besson, Sébastien Besson
Medium, medium-pale colour. A freshness, very cherry style of fruit. The flavour has attack, good freshness too, slowly mouth-watering in the finish. An excellent wine once more…

Collin Bourisset Henri Louis
Medium, medium-plus colour. Hmm – that’s a nice fresh width of attractive aroma. Full, an acidity that slightly grates, but the mouth-watering finish helps sooth that. Good.

Domaine du Penlois Famille Besson, Tu M’fais Tourner la Tête
Medium colour. Depth of aroma but a suggestion of stewed fruit here. Brighter, incisive, the acidity is forward but just about avoids being sour – slowly lingering. Excellent.

Marc Jambon
Medium colour. A relatively tighter nose, but some attractive fresh fruit notes still escape the glass. Broad, plenty of acidity, once-more borderline, but not quite, sour. The finishing flavour is long and attractive.

Château du Chatelard, Vieilles-Vignes
Medium, medium-plus colour. This nose is one of the most open, cushioned and inviting for many, many pours – yes! There’s a little structure here, but there’s also clarity of flavour and very fine mouth-watering finish. Top!

Richard Rottiers
Medium colour. The nose has a little perfume but is quite tight. This is nice and fresh in the mouth – slowly fading. Lovely…

Jean Paul Dubost
Medium, medium-plus colour. A little stewed, perhaps reductive below but a nice perfume above. Big, nice attack, freshness and energy but with the material and nice texture to balance. So young – wait 12 months – maybe, but excellent wine.

Domaine de Thulon EARL Jambon
Medium colour. Quite a nice top line of perfume here. Supple but with plenty of structure behind – another wine with super judgement of balance to counter the intensity and acidity. More depth of flavour here. More directly and accessibly delicious than the last, today.

Domaine de la Madone – Jean Bérerd et Fils
Medium, medium plus colour. A little reductive something in the depth of this nose. Full, energetic, borderline sour. Long, a long finishing wave of flavour. Super but a baby.

Château de Vaux – Yannick De Vermont
Medium-plus colour. A little reductive in the depth before swirling – it quickly dissipates. Plenty of bitters in the finish but here’s a fine wine.

La Cave de Clochemerle
Medium, perhaps a little more colour. Quite an open, attractive Beaujolais but complex Beaujolais nose. There’s reduction in the flavour, it accentuates the minerality. Without that highly recommended, but…

Philippe Vermorel – Domaine de Rochemure
Medium, medium-plus. A nice freshness of top notes, tighter below. Lots of width with a slowly increasing, mouth-filling, volume. The depth of flavour is fine and really rather moreish – rare for these villages. Top.

Jean Loron, Nature
Medium-plus colour. Not a big nose but some attractive high-toned delicacy here. Supple, sweeter than most, a mouthful of finishing structure – masculine perhaps – but not particularly astringent. Excellent

Château de L’Eclair
Medium-plus colour. There is depth to this nose, dark-fruited but at this stage it’s particularly inviting. Extra sweet again, silky, layered wine. Holding quite some width in the finish too. Too sweet? You be the judge, but it’s a great wine!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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