planned and unplanned runs plus craftmanship…


Two runs today – the first unplanned – I forgot my lunchtime appointment with a winemaker! He reminded me after about 30 minutes of lateness – shit!!! I strapped on my running shoes and made it from Place Carnot to Beaune’s train station (the restauarant in the Hotel de Beaune) in under 3 and a half minutes – and that was despite the cars on the Boulevard, oh and the sandwich that I’d eaten one hour earlier 😉

My second run was more planned – through the vines and hills of Beaune’s most southern hill and back. Underway I noted some construction in the vines – In Vignes Franches just under Clos des Mouches and next to Pertuisots. It’s probably Jadot here, near their Clos des Ursules (I’ll ask them), but what a great work of craftsmanship is underway, refurbishing the old stone cabotte here:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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