rené engel – baghera wines score again…

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rene-engel-vosne-brulees-1982The bipolar organisation that is Baghera seem to have another big hit on their hands!

Bipolar? – Well they keep having sales with bottles that stretch not just credulity, but also their narrative behind the ownership of the bottles in the last sale was completely inconsistent too. Then we have a sale that follows seems to be from a dream, offering perfect provenance – like the Jayer sale did – but now with the aid of the Engel family, we will seemingly have the same with bottles from the old Domaine René Engel.

I have a few of those myself – almost all of mine are Grands-Echézeaux – I may not have the wines of the 1920s which will be in the sale, but I’ve got something that they don’t have – the 2005 Grands-Echézeaux. It was Albéric Bichot who bought the Domaine Engel crop on the vines just before the harvest (Philippe died on his summer holiday) and whilst they sold-on the Brûlées, they bottled the Grands-Echézeaux with their négoce label. I bought 9 and still have (perhaps) 6, plus their Clos Frantin wine to compare it with one day…

Anyway, this sale will doubtless be a big hit – and perhaps, hopefully, be bought by a wider selection of buyers than the unobtainium that was the Jayer sale. Linked here.

I’m happy that they posted this video only about 12-13 hours ago – if it had been 24 hours ago – April 1st – I probably wouldn’t have believed it!

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