a friday night cazetiers…

Update 27.4.2019(26.4.2019)billn

This wine was singing already 2-3 years ago – this is my last. I’ve also some Chapelle-Chambertin in the same mixed case – which wasn’t quite ready the same 2-3 years ago – I think it’s probably time to check in on that one too, soon!

2007 Camille Giroud, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cazetiers
Plenty of maturity in this medium-coloured wine – though still red-based colour – as opposed to brown! The nose has lovely, silky, width – almost with a creamy accent to notes that are complex, quite mature but very clean – the last drops suggesting something a hint more balsamic but with floral notes too. In the mouth this is certainly mature but still retains a sweetness of fruit – again, the small waves of fruit flavour are accented with a very modest creamy impression – but it’s not at all overt. Fresh, nice complexity of flavour, and like nose, a clean flavour package that pushes you to take another sip – moreish wine. Delicious as this is, I remember enjoying it even more that last time out – super wine nonetheless – but possibly it’s time to drink if you still have some.
Rebuy – Yes

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