wind, sun, rain and fog – a normal autumn in beaune


Wednesday morning in Aloxe-Corton…

I haven’t yet posted any pics of this week so far – truth be told it’s been quite miserable this week so far, except for Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday the mercury (not the wine) hit 22°C and there was a strong wind too – I wouldn’t have wanted to be driving a high-sided vehicle – the wind ripped the majority of pinot leaves from the vines, so large swathes are now just bare vines. The chardonnay is a little more robust, but it’s still mainly the young vines that retain their leaves.

Tuesday was quite heavy rain in the morning but it all-but stopped before lunch – perfect! – as I decided to jog up to the three crosses in Santenay. The fact is when I get home after 7 in the evening, I just can’t quite force myself out for a jog, so this is an alternative that keeps me from vegetating – provided I’m not then too smelly for the afternoon appointments 🙂

Wednesday and Thursday brought great tastings, but outdoors it was damp and foggy – actually quite typical weather for November – come to think of it, typical for December, January and February too – and did anyone mention March? Anyway another midday jog on Wednesday – around Corton – I happened upon a vineyard worker preparing his new vines for planting. He was happy to have his photo taken, then I asked what domaine – it was DRC – working on their new fermage plots ex Bonneau du Martray – theirs since the 1st of November.

Thursday there was no lunchtime jogging! First some Monday-Tuesday pics:

Then Wednesday and Thursday:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There is one response to “wind, sun, rain and fog – a normal autumn in beaune”

  1. Siddharth Dasgupta16th November 2018 at 9:00 pmPermalinkReply

    When we visited Chateau de la Cree in July 2017, we saw the three crosses from their vineyard.
    What is the story behind these crosses?

    • billn17th November 2018 at 10:44 amPermalinkReply

      On that I’ve no info. There are slightly higher hills to be seen around – the hill of the crosses being a bit less than 550 metres up – but its still a great view from up there – weather permitting…

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