well ray, am I racist?

Update 16.9.2018(15.9.2018)billn


Dear Ray,
I like that you engaged with me on the wordpress site – because it’s permanent – so 24-48 hours later you can’t delete everything, as has been your penchant on twitter or facebook for the last couple of years. I think the average ‘wordpress-smith’ couldn’t care less, but other audiences maybe more-so…

Your narrative seems to have evolved to the extent that everyone who criticises you, or your (previous) actions is a racist. So… I ask myself, and you:

  • Was I racist when I gave my site to you (your fledgling business) as a platform? (e.g. here*)
    *You can find all Ray’s posts here.
  • Or was I racist when I wrote a short, and positive, profile of your domaine and your wines following my first visit to taste, here?
  • Or was I racist when I sent you, before publication, my article on the end of Maison Ilan? In which your interview comments are quoted in full – to which you never responded until, obliquely, now, 23 months later, that it was slanderous and racist…
  • Or was I just a racist when I pointed to the long list of people who had parted with money but didn’t get the wine they ordered – by the way, in most countries that’s classed as fraud – or the long list of creditors, or the lack of rent payments, or the seizing of your wines, or the ensuing court case that you lost? – Is that when I became racist?

I will still refrain from name calling, or the discussion of any future ventures that you may be involved in, because maybe you have learned lessons(?) You can certainly take up your “that you incorrectly cited as not having a business rental agreement with Maison Ilan” with the Gouges family. It’s a quote from them – if they tell me different, I will change it.

You are right that, as described by you, Casey comes across as dealing with you in a highly unethical manner, I can’t comment of the legality of his actions. But your (very many) creditors will likely only see a small shark being eaten by a larger shark. That the larger shark got indigestion and came out of the process, seemingly, with nothing, probably only means that (with hindsight) like all your other creditors, Casey probably regrets having become involved with you during this period. Please, though, don’t blame Casey for customers never getting 2011s and 2012s (I won’t criticise you over delaying the 2010 Corbeaux) – after-all, his mythical million came in 2015 – your 2011 and 2012 customers should have had those wines delivered long before…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There are 2 responses to “well ray, am I racist?”

  1. Siddharth Dasgupta15th September 2018 at 8:29 pmPermalinkReply

    I read the Miles Taylor article about his experience – it came across nothing short of harrowing!

  2. Sycamore19th September 2018 at 5:13 amPermalinkReply

    Not sure this douchebag is worth much more (any?) of your time at this point, Bill. We’re with you.

    • billn19th September 2018 at 2:50 pmPermalinkReply

      You are, of-course, right. But there was something here that couldn’t be left uncountered – I’ve moved on (again!) since then 🙂

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