a southern burgundy day…


Solutre – but a shame about the bus!

Still colder, but eventually a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday – still, the legs declined another 20km walking day!

We toured through the small villages from Tournus towards Cruzille via the gorgeous Ozenay, then slowly worked our way to Vergisson and Solutre. Ahead of us was the prospect of lunch at Josephines in St.Amour. We slept off our lunch in their garden, near the pool – only to be (later) informed that here was private – oh-well – it’s only the first time that we’ve been caught! Onwards: Julienas, Jullie, Fleurie La Madone, Fleurie, Poncie, MAV and then back to Beaune for our Aperol-Spritz – enjoy!

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Burgundy Report

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