weekend wines – weekend 26 2018

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It was a hot one – the weekend – and we were out a lot, enjoying the views and the fresh (lake) fish – but I still managed to find the time for a couple of cold ones!

2016 Domaine Diconne, Auxey-Duresses Vieilles-Vignes
Modest colour. A deep nose, with a good line of clean freshness that reminds of the young 2010s, plus the faintest whiff of toast. Hmm, width, lovely silky texture and a slowly growing intensity. Despite the width, this is a wine that, like the nose, follows a great line with energy and fine salinity. Citrus-bright finishing waves of flavour that hold very well. 40% of the price of a négoce villages Puligny. Massive value – Excellent wine.
Rebuy – Yes

As the last, aromatically, reminded me of a 2010, what about seeing how one of those is developing?

2010 Alex Gambal, St.Aubin 1er Murgers des Dents du Chien
Deeper colour, but nothing untoward – actually the nose has a little reductive toast to go with the ripe lemon – the reduction maybe helped along by the extra-long cork! Lovely width, and really very complex – lots of little layers of flavour – here also an (old) reductive performance that plays well with a baseline of good minerality. For a 2010 I’d expect a hint more energy, though the complexity is great. A lovely wine, but a wine that you (unfortunately) which you have to pay attention to the serving temperature – if it warms in the glass there’s insufficient energy and it disappoints. Blind I’d guess a 2009 – maybe I should also try one of those 🙂
Rebuy – Yes

And just a few images of our trek for a great fish-lunch on Sunday:

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