too many grapes? – sunday’s walk between morey and gevrey…


The 2018 vintage: It’s certainly starting to look like some dropping of fruit will be required in places. I counted some vines with 16 bunches – that’s almost as much as the worst I saw in 2017 – 18 – and I’m sure I could have found vines with more if I’d been patient.

I remember Benjamin Leroux telling me last December that he doesn’t like to green harvest, it clearly being better to start with the right number of buds – but sometimes nature does its own thing – in 2017 he did his first green harvesting since 2002. It looks on the cards again, if not for him, certainly for some vignerons in parts of Morey…

Note my suffering on your behalf – the horseflies got me in Charmes – not very charming!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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