finishing the grands jours with the paulée in marsannay

Update 18.3.2018(17.3.2018)billn

We finished the the week of the Grands Jours with the Paulée de Marsannay.

The last time I went (2014 I think) I’m sorry to say it was a very boring affair, the combination of a very ‘quiet’ table and an interminable ‘presentation’ by Jonathan Nossiter – whose speech was (seemingly and thankfully) prematurely terminated by the growing crescendo of noise from people who were being kept from their food! Quite a dangerous thing to do in France! It was such an experience that I declined an invitation the following year. This evening a couple of excellent and couple of quite good plates of food, and whilst we had less magnums than some of the rowdier tables, overall it was a nice evening! I brought the Griotte and it was fabulous – but only for 40 minutes – the long cork smelled oxidised but the wine was fine – though it oxidised in the glass if left more than 30 minutes…

Saturday was our trip back home after 9 days in the Côtes, but a small detour to Gevrey was necessary, to enjoy the open house at Domaine Trapet! Anbd what a difference 24 hours makes: just before the big hail-strom in Beaune on Friday, I was planning Jogging in a t-shirt and shorts (for the second time this year) – in the end I gave it a miss, but on Saturday evening at hme – jogging in full wet-weather gear, in 3°C and some snowflakes!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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