offer of the day – thibault liger-belair 2016s


Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair 2016 EP/Pre-Arrivals

Prices arrived today from my Swiss merchant. The 2015 prices (from last January) are in brackets for comparison. This year it’s the case of the missing Richebourg, still no Beaujolais and the arrival of wines from Corton! :

NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES La Charmotte 75cl 55.00* (49.50) (Swiss Francs)
CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 75 cl 69.00 ( – )
VOSNE-ROMANEE Aux Réas 75cl 76.00 (69.50)
NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES Les Saint-Georges 75cl 118.00 (109.00)
NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES Les Saint-Georges 150cl 256.00 ( – )
CORTON CLOS DU ROI 75cl 159.00 ( – )
CLOS DE VOUGEOT 75cl 169.50 (158.00)
RICHEBOURG 75cl – (395.00)
CORTON-CHARLEMAGNE 75cl 198.00 ( – )

Call me an old fuddy-duddy – but I don’t understand current pricing – I see no value here.

*As always, these wines are without the 8% Swiss purchase tax, but include the cost of delivery…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There are 2 responses to “offer of the day – thibault liger-belair 2016s”

  1. Sycamore13th January 2018 at 7:58 amPermalinkReply

    Thanks for sharing these, Bill. Illuminating. I don’t see the value either. LOL at “case of the missing Richebourg” — that’s just deftly inserted comical intrigue right there; thumbs’ up! In all seriousness, though, perhaps that and the other missing wines were virtually wiped out by hail? Not assuming so, just asking…..

  2. Sycamore13th January 2018 at 8:09 amPermalinkReply

    ….or frost….

    • billn16th January 2018 at 9:52 pmPermalinkReply

      Whilst relatively low yielding for many in Biodynamics, the grand crus of Vosne didn’t get frosted in 2016 and only small losses were attributable to hail in this neck of the woods. So let’s blame the low yields 🙂 It will be interesting to see if supplies rebound for the 2017s, where generally there were quite a lot of grapes for those who weren’t careful.

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