marko de morey’s (hautes) côte de nuits harvest gallery – the last day

Update 24.9.2017(25.9.2017)Marko de Morey et de la Vosne

Monday the 18th was Marko’s last day harvesting this year – Saturday and Sunday were ‘off’ days due to a) the weather and b) waiting for the ripeness of the Hautes Côtes fruit – helpful for Marko as he was suffering from some man-flu. But Monday they attacked:

Thank-you Marko!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Marko de Morey26th September 2017 at 5:16 pmPermalinkReply

    Bill, very much appreciate your appreciating my amateur photographic efforts and adding them to your site. Thank you very much indeed. I will try and go back over the early uncaptioned photos over the next few days and detail what’s on view. Arlaud Morey no different from your own overview of the harvest Bill – quantity (and some – in certain sites e.g young vines Roncevie) with seeming super fruit quality – latter with the usual caveat we’ll see how the wines turn out. Cant recall seeing any rot apart from some, not a lot, on the HCDN Rouge but a lot less there than seen in previous years. Certainly one relaxed, satisfied & happy winemaker whom I said goodbye to in Morey. Am very happy for all the Cote D’Or vignerons they have had this vintage after problems of past years. Sincere apologies to those keen on reading a ‘written’ diary from me – regrettably & most frustratingly IT issues from the outset stymied best intentions there and it was a bit of a logistical effort to get most of the photos to Bill. For those interested in the 2016’s both Cyprien Arlaud and Jeremy Seysses (the latter most kindly giving me a highly stimulating, and tasty, barrel tasting of all his 2016 reds which was superb) spoke very positively of those wines – much in line with my thoughts as to what might result from the quality grapes when we picked from the non frost affected sites. I believe the 2016s might more than surprise – we’ll see. Roll on 2018 🙂 . MdM

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