it’s (practically) here – burgundy’s 2017 harvest time – 3, 2, 1, go!

Update 29.8.2017(28.8.2017)billn

The weekend was stormy in many parts of France, some wine-growing areas had hail – Champagne for instance – fortunately none was reported in Burgundy, in fact many producers were happy to see a little rain.

A few early pickers were already in the vines last week – Olivier Lamy for instance attacking his young-vine chardonnay – although that is still the early wave. More will be at it this week – mainly whites – for instance Jean-Marc Roulot started today as did Pierre Vincent, starting his first harvest at Domaine Leflaive with the domaine’s Mâcon – Dominique Lafon doing likewise – and then Pierre will start in Puligny tomorrow – Dominique is also planning to bring his Côte de Beaune whites this week. Emmanuel Guillot-Broux is waiting waiting in the Mâconnais until the 2nd September to attack. Armand Heitz of Heitz-Lochardet is bringing-in his Chevalier-Montrachet this week.

Faiveley actually harvested a small parcel of Volnay last week because ‘it was ready‘ (of-course!) but that was just a warm-up for them and they haven’t done more yet. It appears that not a lot will be happening in the Côte de Nuits before the 7th, though in Chablis, as an early indication, Domaine Christian Moreau seem pretty sure that they will start on the 4th of September.

Although ‘discontinued’ in the Côte d’Or, there is still a Ban des Vendanges in the Beaujolais and it’s actually today – the 28th. Without getting too excited for the moment (but seemingly still trying), the locals confirm that it’s been a dry vintage but ‘The balance between sugar content and acidity is beautiful, and we can already say that 2017 will be a solar vintage and concentrated like in 2015, but with a fruit and freshness more like 2011.‘ So no big promises then!

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