2010 nicolas rossignol, l’héritière expression

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You have to to search for the appellation here, but in small letters there’s Appellation Bourgogne Controlée.

2010 Nicolas Rossignol, l’Héritière Expression
The nose starts with a little spice and plenty of reduction – together you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s oaky – though there’s some of that too! I gave this wine a number of ‘Fourrier shakes’ and there was plenty of dissolved carbon dioxide here. Time keeps the spice with a subdued red fruit at the base – the last drops start to show a more attractive side with a suggestion of florals. To start, the palate has so much more going for it vs the first nose; a width of flavour with good freshness and an ingraining, mouth-watering sweetness of fruit. Plenty of structure, some oak but fine tannin and a flavour that really adheres to the palate. This needs a few more years – but it will be worth it – this is a wine that is easily of good villages quality. Super wine, but to wait for and ideally give this a vigorous decant – the accent of reduction the flavours was there, right to the end…
Rebuy – Yes

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