grivot’s 1995 nuits roncière

Update 20.7.2017(21.7.2017)billn

I think it’s absolutely fair to say, that the combination of this surly (for a long time) vintage, plus the wine-making chez Grivot at this time, really don’t make for a salivating prospect, but:

1995 Jean Grivot, Nuits St.Georges 1er Roncières
The 96 Lavières of last week was, save its ‘robustness,’ was rather unremarkable. This wine, by comparison, is something of a revelation; directly it has an open and very inviting nose. The palate is a blend of silk and downright delicious flavour. Still nicely structured but with zero edges or faults. It was a half and so disappeared in flash. Super wine. I’ve also (somewhere!) some bottles of this – it looks like they are worth a modest search! It looks like I should look more closely at other 95s that I have squirreled away…
Rebuy – Yes

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