weekend wines – week 17 2017

Update 4.5.2017(3.5.2017)billn

Not the fastest online this week, but an interesting selection none-the-less!

2014 Denis Berthaut, Fixin Les Clos
Two weekends in a row with a Berthaut (Berthaut-Gerbet from the 2015s). This has plenty of colour and a very attractive and deep fruit to the nose – there’s a little something else in there, perhaps a mineral note. Fresh, layered and delicious on the palate with several layers of flavour and again that slightly mineral note from the nose with an extra hint of spice. – if find them a little distracting, but it’s still a delicious wine! For about €18 ex-domaine, of-course it’s a rebuy!
Rebuy – Yes

Bourgogne Aligoté – consistent with the last, 2-3 weeks ago….

2014 Jean-Pierre Maldant, Ladoix Blanc
A big nose, very modestly tropical but with some interesting mineral hints too. In the mouth this has lots of volume, almost an opulance/richness of flavour – more-so than your average 2014 – with just enough freshness to balance the ample concentration. This is a big but very tasty wine. Yum!
Rebuy – Yes

2011 Parigot, Pommard 1er Charmots
A pretty nose that’s more about floral references than of fruit. This is quite an elegant wine – a wine of line, a wine of nice texture, a wine that slips easily down without any hard edges. Very pretty indeed. It misses the balls of 12, the cut of 13, the width of 14 and the power of 15 – it could be a villages wine in some of those vintages, but it’s a tastily simple wine for all that. Yum again!
Rebuy – Maybe

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