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2001 Albert Bichot, Vosne-Romanée
This was actually the wine the ‘turned me on’ to Albert Bichot as a producer – bought in 2003 – this could also be my last bottle of those 2001s – but what a bottle to finish on! It has simply a beautifully aromatic, and is beautifully complex, gorgeously tasty wine – no villages from Engel, that I’ve had, has been particularly better. Actually this wine has lasted much better than some I can mention from 2001 – here’s looking at you, 2001 Mugneret-Gibourg! Actually that MG was last drunk over 3 years ago – maybe it’s filled out again(?) – I should check that out, I’m sure I’ve at least one more. But, back to this one: modest colour, everything else is on a level that you’d assume you were drinking a 15 year-old 1er cru, not a villages. Bravo! Do you still remember being able to buy Villages Vosne for €22?
Rebuy – I wish!

1976 Reserves des Dieux, Richebourg
The cork looked like it would be welded into the neck, but with only the slightest touch with the end of the corkscrew it started to slip down the neck – there would be no saving this one – prepare the funnel and decanter, and push the cork all the way in!
This is my second (and last) of these bottles – and both showed remarkably similarly despite about 4 years separating their consumption. This is only very modestly coloured, but with a real core of red colour – not brown. The nose is round, sweet, and still quite toasty – there’s a suggestion of brett, but it’s the tiniest accent and it never gets bigger. It’s an interesting if not completely gorgeous nose. The palate has volume and a weight of sweet flavour – more than the colour would suggest. There’s still a little oomph and some latent tannin in the finish, though clearly much of the original tannin now adheres to the inside of the bottle. Always interesting, never great, but very easy to finish!
Rebuy – No

2008 Prince Florent de Merode, Corton Clos du Roi
Assuming the worst for the previous bottle, this was already waiting in the wings…
Deeper colour than the Richebourg, but still not much more than medium colour. Bright red berry freshness, and a faint herb too – but not much depth of aroma. Fresh in attack – really much more acidity and less sweetness than the Richebourg. This takes two sips to accustomise, then all is well. Still the fresh palate, despite very nice depth of flavour, has just a little less/under-ripe finishing herb about it. A very drinkable wine, though not great, even in a Corton context.
Rebuy – No

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