a little wine, weekend 3, 2017


Well, I’ve seen less lucky people with 2005/2007 wines, but this 1996 was simply as perfect a wine as anyone could wish for – sublime…

2008 Agrapart, Mineral
This is a beautiful wine – I’m not a big fan of oxidised styles, or overly malic wines – this is more in the vein of vintage Pol Rogers – perfect balance, fine complexity, and simply delicious flavour. Despite what was waiting, I felt no rush to depart for the next wine while any was left from this one !

1996 Roulot, Meursault Les Luchets
Beautiful mature notes rise from the glass – freshness, depth and just a wonderful invitation to drink. Also beautiful across the palate – plenty of maturity, white chocolate and lanolin mid-palate complexity, yet it is the beautiful line of silken freshness that makes this wine utterly compelling – even another level after the Agrapart – but they have one thing in common; there will be no moving onto the next bottle before this one is finished 🙂
Rebuy – No Chance

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