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camusI know I harp on about this from time to time, but Camus get the bad press that they deserve with regard to the average quality of their wines, but it is very easy to lose a certain perspective.

Look at the offer I have this weekend from a Swiss merchant (in swiss francs). Now let’s be honest, this is never going to be the best Chambertin, but note the price. You cannot buy a current vintage Chambertin for under €200, indeed the price here is more in the order of a current vintage Chambolle/Vosne/Gevrey/Morey – but a villages wine, not even a 1er cru!*

I haven’t tasted this 2010 for a long time, but let me be clear, this will be a significantly better wine than any villages that you choose to compare it with. I’m drinking some bottles of the ’98 at home every now and then – bought similarly to this offer – and they never cease to please and easily show a grand cru character – even if not a very top grand cru like they should.

So, do you want to drink the best wine you can for your money, or would you rather, for example, drink a proper villages Chambolle? As ever, the choice is really yours 🙂

*There’s 8% Swiss VAT to add to this price – which still means it’s a giveaway…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Mike Beltran18th September 2016 at 8:33 pmPermalinkReply

    Really perhaps that is all the wine is worth. You would think there was more profit than 59 per bottle !!
    You take a gamble and as you said if it is better than average you are a winner.

    • billn18th September 2016 at 8:59 pmPermalinkReply

      Wine is personal, and I’d accept that assessment from anyone – but only after they’ve done the comparison, blind…

  2. musignymike@gmail.com18th September 2016 at 10:12 pmPermalinkReply

    I live in the Napa Valley,California,and the Chardonnay for sparkling wine is already in as well as for still wines and the Sauvignon Blanc although the harvest dates are advancing because of climate change. In Sonoma County in the AVA(Fort Ross-Seaview_along the Sonoma Caost along the ocean
    where the Pinot Noiri which has a profile similar to Chambolle-Musigny…thought I would never experience it!(am 80)..problem l is they let grapes t “hang long for better extraction resulting in higher alcohols,and wines lack balance and focus!…A good Cot e D’Or producer all is in balance and is things oft true beauty! Producers in this area are Falla,Hirsch,Peay,Marcassin and Flowers

    • billn19th September 2016 at 8:35 amPermalinkReply

      Hi Mike
      I tasted a really interesting range of ‘not Burgundy’ pinot this weekend – and absolutely the ripest wine, indeed a syrupy wine – though with surprising salinity – was the 2013 Kanzler from Sonoma. Whilst impressive in it’s own way, it would never make my own shopping list…

      • musignymike@gmail.com20th September 2016 at 3:17 pmPermalinkReply

        Hi Billin
        By “syrupy”, I assume you mean too much fruit which in this wines case is correct. On the label,he makes several Pinot Noir’s,what was the vintage and was it a vineyard designate or? The producers
        from the AVA Fort-Ross Seaview are not as all like that,and if they are at all available to you,I would
        suggest you try them. Also,its difficult to know how the wine you purchased was handled and stored.
        I have a friend of mine that will be in Burgundy in June or July of this year and I’ll see if he can bring you some of the wines mentioned in the Fort-Rfoss Seaview AVA

        • billn20th September 2016 at 8:50 pmPermalink

          Literally concentrated in the mid-palate in a way that brings no energy or vivacity. Taking jam with a spoon is similar – but very much cheaper.
          I only wrote Kanzler Vineyards – I’ve no other info except the vintage – 2013. I don’t suspect any handling issues…

        • musignymike@gmail.com20th September 2016 at 11:01 pmPermalink

          Kanzler makes 2 Pinot Noir’s: Sonoma Coast and Estate Reserve.
          Tried both of them,and your right in the mid palate,but I think its fruit in your face! 15% by weight is whole cluster which bumps up the fruit and finished off the ageing in stainless steel probably set
          it down to a low temperature for fruit extraction and kept the cellar really cold to enhance it! Wine
          Spectator 91 8/31/15 Robert Parker 91 March 2016 B/S!!!
          The Estate Reserve 2013 also is fruit driven! It probably has at least 20% whole cluster by weight.
          Robert Parker 93 March 2016 and Wine Spectator 93 8/31/15…B/S!!
          You can go to to winery site for tech. data.
          Tonight,I am having a Littorai 2006 SUMMA VINEYARD,Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir by Ted Lemon of
          which I think you would really enjoy with a 28 day dry-aged rib eye steak. Ted Lemon of Littorai is an
          outstanding winemaker and I think the best interpreter of Pinot Noir we have!

  3. musignymike@gmail.com18th September 2016 at 10:35 pmPermalinkReply

    Bill,your very lucky you live in Europe where the selection of vintages and of producers are much better than in the USA where you would have to go to auctions and pay ridiculous prices or troll on line,probably on the East Coast and take a chance!. …I believe a good producer regardless of their location will always produce a superior wine!

    • billn20th September 2016 at 8:44 pmPermalinkReply

      The grass is always greener Mike – you tend to have higher opening prices but have great close-out sales – we almost never get the latter…

  4. musignymike@gmail.com20th September 2016 at 11:49 pmPermalinkReply

    Yes,but to really save you need to go out of the state,no sales tax of about 9%,and check the shipping
    and handling charges-companies have changed to charging by weight. On line sites I buy from are
    Last Bottle up here,usually available 3 pallets of an item(168 cases) act fast as soon as its on line or
    there out,Wine Library,Cinderella, and L.A. Wine Company

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