harvest day 2 – 23-sept-2016


 No, not a tiny globe – actually a sun-burned grape – to be discarded!

The Marquis (Guillaume) d’Angerville chose today to attack his Volany Champans, but we had unfinished business with our Morgon!

Today, the second-half of our Morgon was going to stay in whole-clusters – of-course we still made the same triage as the day before. These whole-clusters were collected in a different fermentation tank to those grapes we destemmed yesterday. I asked are the two going to be blended together – ‘maybe yes‘ was the answer – I would assume from a pure commercial standpoint, the actual answer will be yes! I also asked, so if we are doing whole cluster with this gamay, will it be a shorter cuvaison as is common in Beaujolais? The answer was – ‘yes – or maybe longer‘ with a smile.

I think that this is called wine-making by the seat of your pants 🙂

Interestingly, like yesterday – virtually no fauna was on the triage table – I smelled two stinkbugs – but again didn’t see them – and I saw one spider. So that spider was the only creature I actually saw from about 15 pallets of grapes. I guess I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if the fruit had come from a vineyard with zero growth between the vines – like too many in Beaujolais – but in this case there is some ground cover. I remain surprised!

  • Below you can see our whole clusters being moved from the triage area and dropped into the fermentation tank:

And the day’s sorting:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Carl Steefel26th September 2016 at 6:53 pmPermalinkReply

    Ended up on Sunday walking past Marquis d’Angerville’s Clos des Ducs. After buying a magnum of the 2010 Clos des Ducs at the local caviste, I ventured into the thick of the action at the Domaine, getting some good photos of the Clos des Ducs sorting table. I asked the young man standing there what he thought of the vintage, and he said it depended on the location, with the lower elevations suffering considerably more. I asked if there were any problems at Clos des Ducs and he quickly responded “Non, non, c’est magnifique…”. Took some good photos of the harvest within the Clos as well, although my colleague told me that the Marquis asked what I was doing (I did not hear this). But the young man (who turned out to be the d’Angerville fils) said, no problem, he asked permission, and he just bought a magnum…

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