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06-2016So the April and May reports were all about Beaujolais – lots of domaines visited, wines tasted – and blind too – about 650 bottles of them.

Now the June report is also online with an interesting selection of themes, including a pinot vs gamay rosé face-off, plus other interesting (for me!) looks at vineyards, tastings and some domaine visits too. I’m now teasing-out all those, as yet unreported, visits to populate my July report before attacking the base design of this site during my August ‘holiday’ – and why?

Well, this site has ‘memory’ problems, a legacy of how the report pages were designed – not a problem for most sites, but then most sites don’t have close to 15 years worth of content, including over 1,000 pages, roughly 3,000 diary posts and I’ve really no idea how many images. The NoteFinder page has also simply fallen out of use as it would be too time consuming to add all the missing notes – close to 4,000 of them – such is life. More importantly, the base code of the site was ‘cutting-edge wordpress’ in 2009, but the developer no-longer updates it – so with an eye to security I must grasp the ‘change nettle’ – and that’s a really big thing for the site AND for me!

So the pages may look a little odd during August and maybe even some of September – but after that, I can hopefully concentrate on content without the site slowing me and you down!


Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

Burgundy Report

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