bejot – to fraud or not to fraud?



Really there’s not much to be said, or rather that can be said, about the above – yet.

I saw the first reports – illegible text and photos from Burgundian newspapers at the end of last week. Here is the first English note of the ‘fraud investigation.’

I’ve met the people from Bejot, and Vincent Sauvestre (right – a very nice man, clearly successful, who has bought many old brands) comes across in this report as a little evasive – I really don’t believe that he doesn’t have a working knowledge of what’s in his tanks – that said he wasn’t present in any of my tastings or technical discussions.

It seems to be business as usual for now, but ‘no smoke without fire?’ That’s hard to say given some of the local ‘investigative’ past history – just ask Jean-Marie Guffens – but if anything is amiss, hopefully we will get, sooner rather than later, to know the full detail.

As for the noted fines at the end of the article – not really a deterrent – eh?

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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