rotisserie wine, walking vougeot, bizarre service…


WP_20160310_12_47_15_Pro_LIA lovely lunch at the Rotisserie de Chambertin at the end of last week – as, to-date, always.

Interestingly we were introduced to the following wine (right), described on their ‘open wines’ blackboard list as 2002 Gevrey 1er Les Corbeaux, by Trapet – it was a €14 glass – but that seemed reasonable for a well-cellared wine of some age. What arrived was a cellar-marked bottle, wearing the label of the Rotisserie, and made by Rossignol-Trapet, rather than Trapet – but details! Much more interesting was the story that actually these vines belonged to the Rotisserie and that Rossignol-Trapet were the metayeurs.

I was driving so didn’t drink, but it smelled fine, and my lunch partner said it tasted good. I should have asked if the vines remained with the Rotisserie – after all it opened under new management less than two years ago. But that gives me the excuse to go back again and ask 😉

And Saturday? That was a lovely day! First, breakfast in Hotel Le Montrachet. The day was 8-9°C with a chilly wind, but fine for our walk in Vougeot. We finished with a coffee (certainly expensive coffees!) in The Château de Gilly, and somewhat bizarre service too: Two coffees were ordered, and then the question was ‘do you have anything sweet?’ ‘I will check with the kitchen’ was the reasonable answer. 10-15 minutes later, the coffees arrived – but we were very comfortable, so not worth complaining. I asked the server (not the same person) if they had anything sweet in the kitchen (again) and the confusing answer was that something should come. Less confusing when two plates of gateaux arrived 5 minutes later. Of-course the luke-warm coffee was already finished and these €10 each plates hadn’t actually been ordered by us, only delivered – I would have declined if they had been offered as the only selection, rather taking an apple/apricot/plum pie or similar. But they were here and we’d waited long enough – but bizarre! €32 for 2 coffees and two un-ordered slices of gateaux…


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