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This week I re-acquainted myself with a couple of old friends; Bouchard’s Le Corton. Always a very well-priced cuvée but with a great a quality – I know this is young for Corton, but how are these two doing?

2001 Bouchard Père et Fils, Le Corton
Hmm – a lovely nose of seemingly mature fruit, wide and complex – this is very appealing indeed. Actually the nose is the best part of this wine; the palate has a nice width and shows prettily complex flavour – also seemingly showing in a rather mature but very tasty way. Nothing wrong here but I might have expected more impact and intensity – yet it trips over the tongue in a sweet and easy way – I wouldn’t guess Corton, blind. Although I don’t expect it to fade any time soon, this is surprisingly mature and quite tasty already – if you have, take one out for a test-drive.
Rebuy – Yes

2002 Bouchard Père et Fils, Le Corton
The colour is a little more intense and younger. The nose – hmm – beef broth – a sign of brett perhaps and not the nicest – it does fade a lot though. Nose aside, this tastes great! There is more fat, more intensity and sweet flavour dimension and a very nice line. This tastes super and is easy to drink despite showing really much younger than the 2001. After 3 hours no beef aroma, and there never was any on the palate – still, a bit of a question-mark against this particular bottle. Much younger and very tasty wine – still, this is remarkably easy for Corton!
Rebuy – Maybe

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