weeping and sweating in the vines…



Well, it might not be winter yet, but at least it’s starting to head in the right direction!

We’re still not seeing a lot of rain and every other day has the typical end of year mist, but finally during the second half of this week, the temperatures were often in the low single figures – 3-5°C. Though there’s hardly been any frost to speak of yet. The vines were largely dormant, but temperatures of 12-15°C in the first week of December, like much of November, saw the vines again weeping while being pruned. Sap was not the only liquid – the pruners were sweating in their t-shirts in the mid-afternoon – of-course it still got cold quite quickly from 4pm.

After fine blue skies yesterday, today we would have needed to get into the Hautes Côtes to see some sun, instead we took a tour of Givry, Rully and Bouzeron. As you can see, it was only modestly photogenic 😉

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Burgundy Report

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