just a few whites from this week…



Drunk slowly over the last 4 days, with a little Volnay here and there. The first two being part of a selection opened for tour-guests which also included a Puligny Champs Canet and a Bienvenues plus more Volnay 😉

2012 Olivier Leflaive, Bourgogne Oncle Vincent
A bit of toasty reduction fades to reveal a hint of phenolics but a basically pretty and direct aroma. In the mouth there’s good texture and really plenty of concentration and intensity – width of fresh and involving flavour. Well done Oncle Vincent!
Rebuy – Yes

2012 Olivier Leflaive, Puligny-Montrachet
A bit of toasty reduction once more. As it fades this becomes finer and finer with a very pretty and fresh complexity. In the mouth the texture is marginally finer though there’s certainly no more intensity than the Bourgogne shows – but – there is a much more impressive, complex flavour – you can almost point to the individual notes. This is simply more delicious. Really super-tasty wine. Excellent!
Rebuy – Yes

Both the Leflaives held up perfectly for 3 days – I thought the Puligny (aromatically) not as good on the 4th day, but remarkably the Bourgogne was still going strong. The bottles were left in the garage at a (maximum!) of 2°C in Bern this week, so needed to warm in the glass!

2006 Louis Chenu, Savigny-lès-Beaune Blanc
I found it in the cellar and my first thought was that it would be ‘past it’ – but… The nose is fresh, indeed a bit phenolic, the flavours too but with the nice, impressive, mid-palate complexity that maturity brings. Fresh and alive, but not really tasty in the same context as the (admittedly brilliant) Puligny. However, 3 hours after opening the bottle, the wine is holding up very well, and the slightly austere phenolic references have softened a little. The mid-palate flavour remains excellent, better than you could expect from the label. The rest is modest, but a welcome glass none-the-less. Probably all those phenols kept this wine from oxidation’s door.
Rebuy – Yes

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