3 little somethings from the last weekend…


WP_20151018_20_26_26_ProI should really post my weekend wines – before I forget them! – eh? Particularly as the Jadot is second only to the ’71 Chambertin this year…

2007 L+A Lignier, Morey St.Denis 1er Cuvée Romain Lignier
Relatively deep colour for an 07. The nose is pure, deep Morey and I like the weight. In the mouth there’s also plenty of weigh, the dark fruit coming in waves. Balanced, expressive and drinking rather well. Lovely wine.
Rebuy – Yes

2010 Rapet, Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Ile des Vergelesses
A wine with a complex, herby, sometimes green sometimes fruit nose – move from a Spiegelau Zalto Universal lookalike to a Riedel pinot Vinum and this shows more bass notes and more weight of fruit aroma. In the mouth there’s a textural roundness, balance and then a fine extra dimension of 1er cru flavour in the mid-palate and finish. Very good!
Rebuy – Yes

1993 Domaine Louis Jadot, Clos de Vougeot
Ouf! Now we are talking – a simply beautiful, mature, complex and really quite forward nose. In the mouth this has great texture until the tannin exerts a little grip in the mid-palate but that’s a fleeting impression as the flavour then literally explodes over the tongue and into the finish – wow indeed. This really needs all of another 10 years for full maturity, but what a wine. Magnificent…
Rebuy – Yes

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There are 2 responses to “3 little somethings from the last weekend…”

  1. Simon24th October 2015 at 8:18 pmPermalinkReply

    Hello Bill:

    I’m using this avenue to comment on Burgundy Reports (as a subscriber) because there is no other means on your website (you have no contact page or any other means, to my knowledge) to comment on Burgundy Reports. Every note on a domaine or other says ‘no comments’ but there is no means for comment to be given.

    I have commented on this issue before. It is the end of October and the last Burgundy Report dates from July. Does this mean that in the end of February 2016 the most recently available Report will be that of November 2015? This – in my view – is unsatisfactory. Why do I have to have a report that is continually 3 months behind? I don’t read last month’s newspapers or a weekly magazine of 4 weeks published 4 weeks previously.

    Maybe you should regroup your deadlines, skip a couple of months, call the next one November 2015 and give your subscribers an couple of months extension on their subscriptions. I don’t know – but the present situation is unacceptable for subscribers in my view.

    Best regards,


    • billn24th October 2015 at 9:47 pmPermalinkReply

      Dear Simon
      Thanks for your comment.
      1. Pretty much every page on the site has my name at the bottom of it, and if you click on it you will reach the contact email page.
      2. Thanks for the heads up on the comments issue, it looks like 2 issues ago something changed as before that comments were always open – something I hadn’t noticed which I’ll have to fix – thanks again.
      3. Re issues and publication dates, apart from the June and July issues which were 1 month late due to my well publicised house move, everything has been to my usual schedule, i.e. The ‘month’ is published before end of the next month, i.e. September’s report will be published before the end of October, that is, next week. Please don’t forget that BR is published 11x per year, no August issue, same as last year. So as I see it, all is to schedule – I’m sorry if that’s frustrating for you(?)
      Best, Bill

    • Simon25th October 2015 at 6:38 pmPermalinkReply

      Thanks for your reply Bill. Still find the logic of having the end of October as deadline for a September report a bit strange. Is this typical of the wine reporting business? Don’t know of any similar circumstances in other publications.

      • billn26th October 2015 at 10:17 amPermalinkReply

        Hi Simon
        It’s my own logic 😉
        The visits and articles from September are in the September report, the visits and articles from October are in the October report…
        It’s just not possible to keep up with the typing and deliver a full report in the same month you are visiting – others may find more inventive titles, but if you read my October report, you know it will be a report of what I did in October.

        • Simon26th October 2015 at 8:37 pmPermalink

          All clear. Keep up the good work.


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