Book: Recipes from the French Wine Harvest


Rosie-HansonThis book has been waiting for more love than I had time for for, there were simply too many things to do, but now the timing seems perfectly appropriate as the home domaine is approaching mid-harvest.

Rosi, just in case you hadn’t made the connection, is clearly the better half of Anthony Hanson, author of what remains my Burgundy reference: ‘Burgundy’ was my companion for many years as I took to discovering some of this region’s many roads, always aided by Anthony’s text.

This book, a compendium of harvest recipes, is something of a Tour de France, though starts with both feet firmly in Burgundy. Actually, I didn’t realise until opening that this is the 20-year update, having first been published in 1995.

Anyway, I’m still wondering if some of these suggestions from the kitchens of Lafarge, Olivier Leflaive, Pamela & Aubert de Villaine, and Raveneau might make it to our harvest Paulée… 😉

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