myth-busting pinot noir?



Not exactly so – it’s not just passtoutgrains – or Côteaux Bourguignone that can contain gamay or others. There is a tolerated amount of non-pinot in very many vineyards, even from very covetable labels. It’s really not that uncommon for red wines also to contain grapes of pinot blanc, pinot gris or chardonnay – but practically the percentage is very small, probably less than 1%.

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  1. Simon13th August 2015 at 3:27 pmPermalinkReply

    Another example: the Cesar grape in Irancy. Some growers use 10-20 percent – or more – in their wines.

    • billn13th August 2015 at 3:32 pmPermalinkReply

      Yes Simon, I suppose I should have included also the Côte d’Auxerre, rather than talking only about the Côte d’Or. But César is actually limited to a maximum of 10% in any blend – more and the resultant wine will lose it’s AOC – but 0% is also allowed with an Irancy label, indeed a number of producers prefer it that way now…

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