grèves vs le chapitre – and the winner is….



1998 Louis Jadot, Beaune 1er Les Grèves
A ‘maison’ wine – as there’s no hint of ‘domaine’ on the labels. And this time not corked! The nose is a little herby but there’s a deep, dark-red fruit on the nose too – good focus, though it’s just a little raucous/rustic. In the mouth it’s similar to the nose – plenty of energy and a core of dark-red, sweet at the core fruit. The structure is present but painless – yet like the nose there’s a rusticity about it despite good depth and complexity. Satisfying enough but not a wine to search out.
Rebuy – Maybe

2009 Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Le Chapitre
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose starts a bit spritzy and almost with a cola note – it needs to lose CO2. Waiting, plus a bit of swirling, reveals a similarly shaded fruit colour to the Jadot Grèves, but with an extra clarity and smoothness. There’s much of this wine that reminds of the Jadot, if with only 90% the concentration, but this really delivers more elegance and fineness of texture. This is fresh and finely balanced – not from an obviously sunny year. This is very, very good – and importantly, quite delicious.
Rebuy – Yes

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